Last week, there were a few chicks you’d like us to find (24 Photos)

Be sure to check the DAR today. If y'all find these girls, I'll be sure to include them.

  • Anon

    Thats not lexi Belle. Her name is Kelly or somesuch. Porn actress.

    • Jedi

      Kelly what?!?!? Would love to see her work LOL!

  • The Dude

    You are pretty annoying. I remember you from the asain people and personal space thing. They are not deleting your comments because you are criticising it. It is because your they type of person who complains about everything and and makes lists of why you don't like it. No one likes that guy he is a downer. So go out find a GF that you don't have to crop out her picture and be happy.

    • Justin Hall

      You spelled "Asian" wrong, hence your argument is invalid. Not to mention that you actually remember me for a comment I made on a post created … what had to have been months ago, is seriously amazing. No bullshit, I'm impressed at your ability to retain such useless information I have difficulty even categorizing it.

      To do all of the above must mean that you, good sir, are legendary troll. I commend you! Hark! Listen! Go, go, the blogs of 4Chan need you!

  • MattConlee

    No it isn't.

  • Jason

    ·number 9 looks allot like nigella lawson…

  • Buceante

    #8 is Anna Simon, a TV star from Spain, who is extremely hot. And she knows.
    You can see some of her hottest videos here:… showing her… talent.

    • jcraig919

      Well done, thank you so kindly.

  • JPC

    Apparently they hope that people will just ignore the horribleness of that post and think – "Hey! There are only positive comments in the comment section! What an awesome post! I'll have to go out and buy it immediately!"

  • DRC

    #24… Real ass?

    • John Boy

      Jaime Koeppe

  • Anonymous

    First muthasuckas

  • ACC


  • isawoj

    #20 is Cara Rae

  • Fast Jackk

    Number one is Susan Coffey

  • Dufius

    #14 shall be the no.1 priority…

  • John

    Yeah, Justin, I hear you loud and clear. Turning off the comments wasn't smart and we turned them back on immediately. – i think our community should be able to say anything they want. That said, we sold the campaign with some strange terms that we have to adhere to. The chive is just now getting into customizations and we're going to make a few mistakes along the way. We'll try to make for a less granular user experience in the end for sure.
    Do keep in mind though that we don't charge anybody to use the Chive and we're serving some massive galleries here that chew up bandwidth ($) like a muthefucker. Either way, your voice is def. heard here as opposed to some sites out there that could give a shit about their users. To me, you guys are the chive.

    • Ace

      You gotta give the guy credit for coming on and explaining everything. Any other site would have just ignored your comments.

    • Justin Hall

      As far as I'm concerned, you brought my the Davalo Twins, GIFs, Bianca Beauchamp, Emma Watson, DAR, fat people falling down, Asian people falling down, little children rolling down hills, internet memes involving huge boobs, Chivers that post songs in their comments, the hottest Chivettes the world has ever seen and a shot of Natalie Portman in a thong.

      Don't want to sound like an ungrateful turd, and I definitely don't mean to give that impression. I love theChive more than I love Hump Day. On a side note, to help pay for your bandwidth fees, I can play a ukulele in front of your office.

    • Felix

      i don't mind the ads. If you take a look at what the chive gave us today. here it is

      1. Awesome animals
      2. epic wallpapers
      3. Ashley Ann Vickers' tits
      4. nsfw blowjob Guinness commercial (awesome btw)
      5. Japanese girls with huge boos
      6. Facebook divorces
      7. "like a boss" baby GIFS
      8. Harry Potter threesome pic
      9. Sports underboob gallery
      10. awesome couch
      11. Demotivational pics
      12. Dead space ad that nobody held a gun to your head to click on
      13. 'Find Her' gallery (a personal favorite)
      14. Best golf shot of all time video

      And we haven't even gotten to the DAR. moral of the story is, it's monday and the chive unloaded both barrels on the internet before noon. they reserve the right to do whatever the fuck they want as far as i'm concerned. Just my opinion

      • D.C.'sfavcousin

        jesus loves you all…unless you're a ginger, that is questionable

      • @The_Scofield_

        Hell yeah.

    • Senor Rock

      This is why I love the Chive. As soon as I read that dude's post, I knew John would be on here to comment.

  • Buddha

    Why has #14 not been found?

    • Brad

      she is a chiver who submitted her pictures last week, didn't include her face to protect her privacy…

      • 14ftw

        ok #14…. how much ?

  • Jonny 5

    #24 is Jamie Koeppe, one of the best bottoms of all time

  • bob the builder

    #7 is classy, who is she?

  • metalcool36

    Every time #8 is posted, my eyes start burning from a lack of blinking. I think i'll take another look 🙂

  • Andy

    #8 is Anna Simon from the Spanish show Tonterias Las Justas

  • honu67

    #14 I think we have a consenus…FIND HER!!!!

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #24 is really the only one that matters yall…come on…

  • Phil

    AGREED 100%!!! These two, and of course the big tit chivette needs to send more pics

  • DJM


    Now that's an arse.

  • Chiver from Canada

    # 6 is Amber Borycki an actress from White Rock B.C

    • Another CA chiver

      She looks different than Amber… not talking about hair color, of course.

  • Bib BoBo

    rainbow brite is hot….moar

  • Batman264

    isn't #24 photoshopped unfortunately?

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