Like a boss (6 GIFS)

  • parker

    if I ever saw my kid do that, I'd be filled with more pride than I can imagine.

    • Joe

      His name is Charlie Norris. His dad was pretty ecstatic when he saw it.

    • Guest

      If I ever saw my kid do that, I'd really be an idiot for failing to put up a barrier the right way and risking my kid's life.

  • mark

    he would later go on to date the prom queen when he was 10. A college graduate at 14, 'the boss' got bored one day, cured cancer, then finished the evening with a couple models.

    • tyler

      and he was the most interesting man alive….

    • Yer dad

      A couple of models? ALL the models!

    • hMMMM

      But when it came to buying a car…

  • Josh

    that kid is a boss!! that made my day….thanks

  • mrjimmyos

    Is he Russian?

    • BGkid

      No he has to be an illegal

    • cascade

      No, he looks to be taking his time…

  • Naz1962

    Problem-solving at it's finest!

  • Da Sandman

    smart kid 🙂 why put it in 7 gifs though…? :-/

    • PewPew

      Because dad isn't.

  • dnsbubba

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the worlds first true super-villain.

  • Mr_Rob

    Tyler Durden is here my friends! The reincarnation has come (you didn't see the last gif where he comes back with a bag of fat…)

  • tommybhoy

    That kids got to be a Chiver

    • n1ghtstalker

      He heard it was time for the weekly Chivette post and said…. "I aint staying in no cage Fool!"

  • billy


  • dumbasses

    Next time just show us the damn vid clip

  • Jay

    Why are there pillows in the kitchen?

    • Dena

      You obviously don't have kids!

      • Pete Ribaudo

        because thats where the wife sleeps and ultimately lives

    • dude

      your that sour dick in your group of friends arent you.

  • Bud Ugly

    That is kid awesome.

    The gifs are not.

  • Sauru

    what they dont show is how he used his legos to build a ladder so he could reach the cookie on the counter

  • derpson

    at age 10 he performed open heart surgery…with a ball point pen.

  • tommy2x4

    My kid did that when he was little and now he's halfway through a seven year stint in the big house.

    • Taylor Blissett

      So are you suggesting that this kid is going to end up in jail? 0_o WTF?!

      Anyway this kid is a total boss.

  • Diana Santos

    awwwwwwwww! cutest gifs ever! ❤

  • FixedinDC

    breaking out of time out like a boss.

  • Anakrusix

    Hahahaha! Anybody know the age?

  • Mike Engler

    that spells trouble! like a boss!

  • McBeastie

    Sure he's clever now…but what we didn't see is the 15 times he tried to do that without the pillow, and the dozen hospital trips the parents made as a result.

  • Benjamin Dennison

    Challenge Accepted

  • moeshere Foxdale

    Freaking minny mac gyver LOL..

  • PabloD

    Thats great parenting! Your kids risking breaking his neck, but at least you got it on video….

    • Ernesto Hemingway

      Eat a dick pablo you fat fuck I hope your mom gets hit by a train and loses 7 of her nine remaining toes. "9! What do you mean 9?" Pablo said. "I ate her little toe after a donkey show Pablo. I ate it after your mom had sex with a donkey." said Pablos father. Pablo started crying and threw himself to the floor spilling his horchata and breaking the glass it came in just like his father had broken his heart with the news that he was in fact mothered by a toeless donkey fucking prostitute. Sleep well Pablo..the end is neigh and a burro neighs in the distance. Coo coo! Coo Coo!

  • The Real D. Nozzle

    fake. why else would there be 7 gifs.

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