Like a boss (6 GIFS)

  • john

    clearly a midget

  • Gina

    Post the video!!!

    • Kristen

      Congrats Marcia!!!So exciting that your Marathon is alrdeay here. I will be at Flying Pig but doing the half. You are going to do great…believe in your training and”The Road to Chicago” My journey to the Chicago Marathon!

  • top dog

    Now that was smart, I know some grown-ups that wouldn't have thought to do that. They would have tried to step over the thing, tripped and cracked their skull…scary stuff.

  • Ivan

    Prison Break: The earlier years.

  • Luke Evans

    Why not just use a plastic screw driver like Tommy Pickles?

  • top dog

    Well it was either that or a full movie…I'd imagine.

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  • Mr_Rob

    Yeah… becouse I obviously belive that this movie character is alive.

    You don't handle humor very well, uh?

  • Windsknight

    Hey … this is the clip from CWF (cute / Win / Fail ) of TOBUSCUS!!! … jajajajaj

    i love to watch toby turner … this is the full video


  • horrigann

    lucky that kid did not break his neck. bet the camera man was making up excuses for the cops as soon as he saw that.

    i'd say i'm pissed but i prefer this happens more often than not so as to give my children the advantage in life

  • bugwok

    you live, you learn, this one is a problem solver…

  • Gangstaangsta

    Wouldn't it be cool if they found a way to add all the gifs together into one motion picture show…hmm if only we had that kind of technology….

  • Bob

    Why is it not all just one gif?? That confused me for a minute there.

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  • proficientlard

    "I do what I want"

  • Thor

    I think his head missed the pillow. I don't think his problem solving skills are going to stick around long with repeated blows to the noggin.

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