• Anon

    This is fake and gay!

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      You mean these three pictures of Emma Watson, two of which have been slightly shopped…..are FAKE?!


  • XOS

    ha! me neither!

  • SinisteRtheWickeD

    I want a little from column A, B, and C!

  • Phil

    Original ftw

  • djcreation

    Ravenclaw, not only is she hot but her personality is weird, i kinda like that

    • bah

      look man your not picking up any chicks here dont pretent to care about her personality

  • Alka


  • Diana Santos

    well…she is in the rigth team…but she look good in all…

  • Mate Bozanic

    gryffindor and slytherin!!!

  • Dufius

    Ravenclaw FTW. I like brunettes with cutie smile ^^

  • Ricardo Feldhaus Krisanoski


  • manderr

    whats the point of this post?

  • Mikey

    Gryffindor FTW

  • Jon

    Ravenclaw, definitely

  • AR Groan

    People into Harry Potter will likely die virgins – so why offer a choice?

  • adam

    all three please. but if I had to choose Ravenclaw, Gryffindor then Slytherin

  • rUBEN

    Rawenclaw all day w/ me!

  • Phred

    I'd slytherin her!

  • Zeke

    there's something not right about this picture…look at the ties…they all have exact same creases and are tied exactly the same way. But with that out of the way Ravenclaw it is!

  • RandomGuy

    Definitely Slytherin. Looks like she would give great angry, violent sex.

  • someone

    Ravenclaw's pic is mirrored from the other 2 or vice versa

  • JWW

    they are all Emma Watson, just shopped

    • martin_mcfish

      how observant of you

  • Chiver

    where is the ginger hufflepuff?1?

  • Fotis Sora



    all 3. same time

  • Billy


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