• alec

    all three

  • avatar347

    Gryffindor, hands down. I'll take the brown eyes everyday.

  • martin_mcfish

    this is hands down the toughest decision i have ever had to make, i think ravenclaw, i want gryffindor, i think gryffindor i want slytherin, i think slytherin i want ravenclae, its a viscious circle; a ridiculously hot vicious circle


    If they are legal i wouldnt mind breaking that kit kat

  • Simon

    I dont know what i like so much about Emma watson , But she tears me apart from the inside .

  • wut

    More stuff stolen from reddit! yay!

  • Jaime Dodge

    emma watson will always be the best even with short hair

  • Red Knight

    Slytherin FTW!!!

  • (>^_^)>

    I believe I shall use these criterion in my own decision as well.

  • babymistakes

    Her character is way prettier in the book. Especially the first one.

    • sorryaboutbeingaAss

      Hermione is described as having bushy brown hair, brown eyes, and large front teeth, the movie just takes that and makes it beautiful

    • mike

      "prettier in the book"…what she looks like in the book is up to your imagination…so…um…you make my brain hurt!

  • seb

    same girl but different makeup, eye color and hair switch sides

  • jpop

    She looks better inverted and with darker hair, ravenclaw all the way.

  • Jordan Vestre

    Their tie knots are tied very sloppy therefore the clothes must go. Abrafuckingcadabra!

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  • Anon4

    wtf you're missing Hufflepuff, the red head version…

  • mike

    I love all the people who are pointing out that this is a photoshop…duh! It never claimed to be anything different. It's kind of a cool "what if…" piece

    Oh and the blue-eyed Ravenclaw FTW…

  • Smb13

    Slytherin. She looks like she'd F some Sh up.

  • Grey

    Ravenclaw, def ravenclaw.

  • Drizzle

    And the clothes too! Look at the tie, its tied EXACTLY the same, 3 times

    • ilnevertell

      No shit, Sherlock.

  • Rogen Lobaton

    Gryffindor !!!

  • Alex

    Mmmmm slytherins.

  • flibertygiblet

    Holy shit there are alot of nerds on this site!

  • Dark


  • Paul

    Slytherin – But Hell Yeah All 3 🙂

  • Jesse Lukaras

    slytherin looks like my cousin…

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