50 Cent reduces sale price of mansion and 2 drunk derps break in (15 photos + video)

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50 cent has been trying to sell this 50,000 sq foot mansion in Farmington, CT for 2 years now. I can't believe no one want a 52 room house with 37 bathrooms. The shack sit on 17 acres and includes a gym, billiard rooms, racquetball courts and a disco with a "dancing room" featuring stripper poles. Rumor has it that Tom Brady is interested and for only $9.9 million, it's a steal. Check out the video for the break-in story. The hot news reporter is worth the watch.Q

Dear Jennifer Lahmers, when you find this post, please send all cute and sexy photos of yourself to thechivesubmit[at]gmail[dot]com. We will be doing a featured gallery on you soon, so you might as well have creative control. Thanks, theCHIVE

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  • Lomi


  • derp

    enough with the fucking dead space 2 advertisments already!!!!!!!! FUCK

    • Naz1962

      No shit, dude – I completely agree! NO MORE DEADSPACE ADS!!!!!!!!

    • Ron

      Here here! Chive has sold out huge. Advertisements all over the place and now a video that pops up automatically when you open the web page. Learn some netiquette Chive!

      • PWNT

        They made something people like and now can support their lives with it. I say MOAR advertisements Chive. Make some money and show us your cribs.

        • bud

          im with you PWNT. and i never see the ads

    • William


      • Raf

        if you are using firefox, download an add-on called adblock plus. it will remove all ads from all sites.

        • Anonymous

          Also, if you're using Firefox, it doesn't allow pop ups to begin with.

        • Roofus

          YA with adblock you dont even have to see youtube commercials before the video or anything like that. possibly the best thing ever

    • Urban

      Ads are OK, but not when the page takes freakin' forever to load now. Sucks that the video plays automatically. I look at the Chive at the office. Tone it down.

    • wtf


  • Dakota

    someone loan me 9.9 mil, you can all move in

    • Joel

      That would be the most awesome place EVER. TheChive.com would have to have a huuuge room dedicated to it.

    • Crystal

      I'll spend the time cleaning the place… having a buddy with OCD has to have some benefits, right?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1357676916 Sean Runge

      only if I can use your boobs as pillows

    • BloodScrubber

      Hmmmm. Hef has the Mansion..so the CHivers need one too. And it shall be called…….? *OCD rocks.

  • Tlaloc

    Well helloooo Jennifer!

  • Lomi

    damn you people are just jealous ahahahahaha

    • Joel

      Why would we be jealous? Why do you feel satisfaction from getting the first post on an internet thread?

      • Lomi

        I know you would if you had the chance hahahaha

  • Merc

    #4 is nowhere near enough weights…

    • Freddy Stylez

      Look at those internet-muscles. DAYUM!

  • HankT

    Love the plea at the end of the post for pics…she sure is a cutie.

  • Diggler

    I'm with derp on this one. The Dead Space 2 ads are annoying loud this early in the morning.

  • Da Sandman

    why the hell do you need 37 bathrooms :s use the space for other purposes

  • edc

    who cares? show me some tits.

  • http://www.facebook.com/b1tpunk Eric Harding
    • Pro Stalker

      Great stalking! I see talent in you.

    • jeffrey dahmer


      she needs to know we care

  • Brah

    I have to say, I'm really interested in touring that house. It's been a life's dream of mine to own a house where I don't even go in half the rooms.

  • jeremy

    I'm from manchester, CT and getting to see Jennifer Lahmers on the news everyday definitely trumps the gruesome ride into work. Oh, and following the Chive trumps actually working.

  • http://www.twitter.com/justin_speedo facebook

    holy shit….. i'll take it… Jennifer Lahmers i mean. :'(

  • justsaying

    Wonder how long it took the police to search and clear the 52 rooms, 37 bathrooms and ungodly number of closets in the house?

  • Flashman

    I HATE loading a page and having some screaming loud video load up. Enough with the Deadspace adds Chive!

  • Pfft

    I don't know why, but she looks like she'd give a mean BJ. (I laughed when she said forced entry, too.)


    Need moar of Jennifer!!

    Funny that they broke into .50 home and were put on $50,000 bond

  • Angelo

    I can only imagine the maintenace costs. Somebody has to work full-time to keep it all clean. :)

  • Urban

    #3 All that money for a cheap basketball goal you put sand in to weigh it down.

  • clay

    52 room, 37 bathrooms, but the media room seats 8 and the dining room seats 10!

    • luis_pedro_sato

      his really not god a math

      • Ron

        And you're not very good at spelling or grammar. It should be "He's not very good at math"

        • http://www.facebook.com/Luispedrosato Luis Pedro Gonçalves

          Sorry, i am not native English,

  • BigDingo

    Wasn't worth wading through the dead space two advert for the hot girl in the video… If the Chive loves us, I'm sure she'll have a gallery soon enough

  • dean

    wow, my plasma looks bigger than that crappy projection screen, figured he would've sprung on a better tv.
    the whole place looks like he had no idea what to put in it, just a bunch of big rooms to be all, 'hey, look at how big mah mansion is.'
    and that racquetball court is pathetic, he has a full commercial size gym but not even a half court for basketball? there goes that stereotype.

    • Hez26

      A) That thing is at least 60 inches
      B) He has been trying to sell it for over 2 years ,so I doubt high-tech renovations were on his priority list.

  • TylerV

    #13 It comes with pictures of 50 Cent?

  • joe

    50 cent <<< Jennifer Lahmers

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