50 Cent reduces sale price of mansion and 2 drunk derps break in (15 photos + video)

50 cent has been trying to sell this 50,000 sq foot mansion in Farmington, CT for 2 years now. I can't believe no one want a 52 room house with 37 bathrooms. The shack sit on 17 acres and includes a gym, billiard rooms, racquetball courts and a disco with a "dancing room" featuring stripper poles. Rumor has it that Tom Brady is interested and for only $9.9 million, it's a steal. Check out the video for the break-in story. The hot news reporter is worth the watch.Q

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Dear Jennifer Lahmers, when you find this post, please send all cute and sexy photos of yourself to thechivesubmit[at]gmail[dot]com. We will be doing a featured gallery on you soon, so you might as well have creative control. Thanks, theCHIVE

  • http://www.theingenuous.com Kai

    What they found was "these guys." lol

    • Budd

      You got to push it—this essetnail info that is!

  • Alex

    Ew wtf Jennifer Lahmers? If you could actually see her on your TV you would realize that she is really weird looking. When she first started she had really strange caterpillar eyebrows that went in totally different directions. NOT hot.

    • Kaylan

      A mliolin thanks for posting this information.

  • clockworkO

    Everytime i see a house like this, i think about me losing my keys in there.

  • MigraineBoy

    I never taught I would say this, but…That's just too big.

  • BloodScrubber

    #15 The billiard room rocks for sure.

  • Lia

    That’s a *house*?!? Just one of those rooms looks like it has more square footage than the entire amount of mine, including storage. I can’t begin to imagine how much the utilities run each month….

  • ImpressMe

    The whole place needs a renovation….its stuck in the 70s…..it'll take a million or more to make it feel less like a sleazy club…..sooo Not Impressed. You won't get hot Chivettes with a tacky place like that…..

  • AtomManhattan

    This is what happens when retarded white kids buy retarded music from a slightly more retarded rapper who has no talent (have you actually ever heard him 'rap/perform'?)…putting your hard-earned money you made working overtime at McDonald/Taco Bell to good use. Someone should throw you people a parade.
    Then execute you. On tv.

  • AbsolutDrunk


    Here she is also. Posted on the wall so maybe she will take a look and respond to the site…who knows, but it's worth a shot!

    • Jenn Lahmers

      Hey There! Saw the post. Thanks guys! Our website got 35,000 hits this week because of you 🙂

      Jenn Lahmers

      • AbsolutDrunk

        Welcome to the site Jenn! Glad to see you could find some time away from all of the Shoveling we get to do here in CT to stop by. Nice to hear you got a few new hits on your site too!

    • Amory

      Finally! This is just what I was looikng for.

  • Dazza

    Yo Fiddy, How about an invite to one of your parties?

  • DeNivo

    Sure it looks nice, but you'll NEVER get the stink out….

  • viking

    i live 10 mins from this house. It is a awesome house. Mike Tyson owned it before 50. There is still the staue of Mahommad Ali that Tyson had on the front porch. i think me and 20 closest friends should by it and move in.

  • Steve R James

    That is a house worth more than 50cents! I think I saw this at MTV Cribs. This show makes me envy every time! I would want to have a mansion as this, but right now I just have garage door remote control to give me that swag!

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