Daily Afternoon Randomness (45 Photos)

  • jared

    #14 has a bidet and yet her toilet paper roll is going wild! I wish I were her toilet paper.

  • KCMonkey

    Just thought I would throw this out there: The WBC loonies do not equal "a bunch of baptists." But serious points to Kevin Smith.

  • twittlie

    Image #35 Image #38 , Alicia Liu?

  • sexoffender

    #13, #14 yes… please… MOARRRRR!!!!!

  • fluffyhairded

    i dont think eight and nine are the same chick. they both have brown hair, i guess.

  • McBeastie

    #8 and #9. Good God, television shows tape multiple episodes on the same day. It probably is the same woman.

    • McBeastie

      after saying that, it doesn't look to me like the same girl. But the multiple tapings a day argument still stands and it wouldn't be much of a "conspiracy" to see the same person.

  • P90

    #8 and #10 two of our national treasures.

  • Evile

    haha Florida > you all

    • McBeastie

      It's crazy weather here in Florida right now. I mean, I actually had to wear long sleeves today because of the slight chill in the air.
      Crazy I tell you.

  • admiralcackbar

    #10 omg
    and #45 is way better than the duckface version

  • hater

    reposts r us

  • steve

    Again you distract me from doing my homework, dam you chive

  • BoogerEater

    DAR isn’t as fun as it used to be, now it’s all hot chick.

  • http://thechive.com honu67

    #10 I could get lost in there for hours
    #14 MOAR

  • Chris

    Except that he was rejected from the Arts Institute in Vienna, twice.

    • abipolarguy

      what's a degree when you've got a grant?

  • Duder

    #13, #14 this is girl is hot, need moar!!!!

  • Oregon Duck Fan

    #10 what's up with the bulge in her shorts?

  • WordToYourMother

    #2 That's Johnny Dang aka "T.V. Johnny". Dude is a big time jeweler here in Houston. He makes all the jewelry and grills for all the rappers here. He's also a big doushebag.

  • Bob

    #10 and #22 make me happy!!!!!

  • sileemonuts

    i have enjoyed this post soooo much!

  • goof


  • talibaneaster

    #36 #5 #27 #31

    Chive is turning into 4chan

  • Todd

    #2, seriously? WTF? Thank God for #14, it kept me from poking my eyes out with a fork…

  • MacNCheese

    #45 is not doing a duckface. She is puckering her lips. There is a difference between the two.


    • MacNCheese

      #44 is not doing a duckface. She is puckering her lips. There is a difference between the two.

      BTW, VIVA LA KEVIN SMITH!!!! #21

      • Desertdog

        Hey my first posted pic on the chive and it's about dicks. SMITH rocked the house in Sundance, Jay was there as well, sign in hand. Wish I had a chance to ask him for a Dutch Rudder.

  • tag


    Oh SNAP!! I remember her from this photo that was posted a while back:


    Fucking amazing, FEATURE GALLERY!

  • zigzagman

    #45 is…so hot. I like the duckface too.

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