Daily Afternoon Randomness (45 Photos)

  • brent

    and #10

  • Troy

    #16 No matter how far I turn my head I still can't see what I want to.

  • Poot

    Zombie children are way creepier than zombie adults

    • Ken

      Are zombie children still covered by their parent's health insurance?

  • tom

    #11 Louie Anderson re-incarnated

  • flenin

    how can 13 in #36 be the hottest girl in the world?! she has man face

  • ghost

    fuck, watercolor is so damn hard…

  • ChrisJ5285


  • top dog

    #15. OOOOOOOOOOh you got me, I did read it in your voice, but I ain't switching to GEICO tho,
    and #22, got a nice ass

  • meh


    So THAT'S why my fingers smell like that.

  • AJSH

    # 13 and #14
    Find her IMMEDIATLEY!!! Amazing! needs her own gallery

  • Bear

    #9 looks nothing at all like #8…

  • Rick

    #14 i dare u to find more of her!

  • Drizzle

    #7 is Emmanuelle Chriqui? Gorgeous!

  • snoochi boochies

    hoorary florida!!

  • Josh

    #43 if you didn't weight 400 fucking pounds, maybe the couch wouldn't have collapsed. LOL!

  • Il Duce

    #14 Emilie I saw your pics yesterday on Chive!! U R the best!!

  • marge

    i like number 13 better than 14 cuz idk in my opinion her boobs dont look proportional to her body in 14…..although what do i know im a girl and number 13 makes me wanna workout
    but number 34 made me laugh the most

  • sparky

    #41, yes, yes we do!

  • http://www.facebook.com/shabaaz7 Shabaaz Mohammed

    NO! challenge not completed.
    opponent no good.

  • Shane Woodward

    #41 is bullshit…. San Diego, CA on the 24th was 78 degrees….

  • buuillis

    #31 so SO wrong

  • buuillis

    i meant #36

  • anon

    #10 is so hot, I'm actually angry!
    #36 Manuel's challenge has been accpeted by the people of Noray and they have delivered amazing results. Manue's existance is no longer relevant.

  • Frankie Muniz

    ok you probably are not playing Black Ops with #7 it's more like #43. What's next sk8terboy15?

  • I am disappoint

    Guys, guys, guys… are half of these pics re-posts?
    Nobody's saying they're bad, but come on…

    • bubblerider86

      so you noticed too? phew, thought i was stuck in a timewarp for a minute there…

      • Mr. Nick

        Seriously, I went back and checked to see if I clicked the right DAR. Come on Chive, this is kind of pathetic.

      • Lev

        It would be understandable if the DAR was meant to be a highlight of all the day's other posts, but that's not the case, you know?
        The DAR is a separate, fantastic, magical entity, and to use repeat content as filler is like watching a Simpson's clip show.

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