Well, we found her. Meet Emilie (31 Photos)

Over the past two weeks, we've posted the pics above and below this text of an adorable blonde. She quickly became one of our most requested girls. Her name is Emilie but her nickname is Voe. She's a very popular blogger in Norway. I'm not too worried about how old she is because the age of consent in Norway is 16… fair play to them. So, for better or worse, here you go.

  • WTFever

    All I want for Christmas….

    • atotalcad

      Santa wants to come down her chimney.

  • dorkley

    #31 must… not… photoshop

    • Nunya bidnes

      yes, you must.

  • Captain Obvious

    In the twenty first I mean in #21 Fuck me Santa Fuck me santa

  • sandi

    She is beautiful but not nearly naked enough

    • Nunya bidnes

      I was thinking the same thing. Pretty face and all, but where is the rest of her?

      • BigDingo

        waiting to turn 18… Pedo-post

        • PeterGun

          yeah right… mr.post-pedo… you dont fool us.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=669440656 Steve Shaw

    #15 I'm moving to Norway.

    • Rocco

      just a heads up, kush doctor is in cali

    • ronnie

      If you are reffering to the kush doctor, can guarantee you that pic is not taken in Norway 😉 We have very strict policies on everything 😦 But the girls are about equally hot to Voe. So come on over!

      Btw, she is fifteen, and she just dropped out on blogging because of all the haters. Haters gonna hate 😦

      • JPRR

        Thats Venice Beach

      • bud

        15? thats re-fucking-diculous. but i do accept your invitation to Norway to indulge in your female populace. what months out of the year would you say best shows off Norway?

        • ronnie

          Then you go to Norway, and I'll go to Venice Beach. You should go in the summer. Unless you really really like skiing/boarding.

        • ronnie

          Btw, you should watch out for polarbears. I've heard they walk amongst the people in Norway. Havent seen one, but they are definatly out there.

    • Freddy Stylez

      That's not in Norway. lol.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1044907928 Aram Abgaryan

      thats in venice beach

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=669440656 Steve Shaw

      Okay I take it back, I'm moving to Venice Beach.

  • DASboot

    I wouldn't mind her comming to Denmark for a little while.. And bring her friends along..

    • sully23

      I'll take all her 16 year old friends. Little hotties!

    • Freddy Stylez

      Take her to Denmark and show her the beautiful mountains.

    • bear6

      JESUS what are they feeding the hotties over there !!!!

  • Juan_Pueblo

    Norway, here we go!

  • Pat

    Thank you Chive!
    She reminds me of a young Heather Locklear…

  • Edmund


    Just found out she is 15! I am definitely going to jail for this one…..


    She's the kinda girl you take to dinner and a nice romantic comedy. She's amazingly gorgeous.

    • Erik von Markovik

      and then tell her not to tell her parents about…

    • Roofus

      and THEN you roofie her, right? RIGHT???

    • Freddy Stylez

      And you're amazingly gay. damn.

  • http://www.poison-ideas.com krisb

    16 is the new 18.

    • Dan

      too bad she's 15

  • Perin

    Good Lord, the things i'd do to her !!!!

    • Erik von Markovik

      Like push her on a swing, take her for ice cream, read her a bedtime story and sign her BookIt so she can get a free pizza from Pizza Hut.

      • dubs

        she's 15, not 4

        • Erik von Markovik

          Youre right dubs, I don't what I was thinking. Thanks for bringing me back to reality.

    • BigDingo

      Might get you arrested…

  • aosux

    A little young but still a looker.

  • Biggus Diccus

    Holy Shit!!!! They really know how to make hot ass girls in Scandinavia

  • Mr. Mike

    One word: EXQUISITE.

    And I prefer brunettes…

  • shamshe

    Man, Santa Gets all the action!

  • Phil

    MEH. I see girls like her everyday. She's not ugly but she doesn't do it for me. And she's too young.

    • Flicka

      My Western culture bias SCREAMS underage. She's ADORABLE but like my cats are adorable.

    • Erik von Markovik

      yeah I prefer crows feet, wild facial hairs, lots of makeup, surgical enhancements and senior discount Sundays

    • Richard

      you kiddin?! she's stupiditly gorgeous!

  • The Dude

    Thumb me down but I'm 26 and wanting a 16 year old is just messed up.

    • Flicka

      Totally agreed. She's adorable but I want to burp her.

      • Matt

        She is totally hot and I would love to hit it.
        – Pedobear

    • OwnerOfYou

      Wanting one is not messed up according to the psychologists of the world. It's actually quite a normal thing. Actually pursuing one…, well that's another matter.

    • scratchy

      when i was 25 i dated a 16 year old girl from Norway, it's not a big deal in Europe.

      • durr

        Uhm, yes it is… Dont assume things you dont know… -.-

  • Hrimfaxi

    Bless her parents. Only pure awesomeness could be the reason for beauty.
    Also, I like what she did with the hair #7

    • Erik von Markovik

      I would like to see her mom…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1287270554 Forrest Herron

    This girl is gorgeous. She really is beautiful. And I generally prefer brunettes, so that is quite a compliment.

    • Erik von Markovik

      As if you'd have a choice.

    • Anon

      Coming from you that is such a compliment……

    • AtomManhattan

      She's nothing special, as far as hot blondes go. I've personally known blondes much more attractive than this chick, no lie. I just have better things to do that post them on the web for strangers to gawk at. ^^b
      Not to mention, I'd probably be castrated, because girls with self respect usually don't need online affirmation of their hotness and find it quite sad.

  • Niitsitapi13


  • DanFromDetroit

    I lived in Sweden last year – it is well work the price of a ticket. In winter it's actually pretty cheap through Chicago or Newark

    • LukasS

      Probably because no one wants to go to Scandinavia in the winter

  • Jeremy

    I'm moving to Norway if that's an actual ratio of female hotness in these pics.

  • sceneitB4

    No wonder the Vikings fought so hard! Norway FTW!

  • http://twitter.com/Gingergreek @Gingergreek

    No she is too beautiful for a place like this!!
    Back you dogs back I say!!!

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