Well, we found her. Meet Emilie (31 Photos)

Over the past two weeks, we've posted the pics above and below this text of an adorable blonde. She quickly became one of our most requested girls. Her name is Emilie but her nickname is Voe. She's a very popular blogger in Norway. I'm not too worried about how old she is because the age of consent in Norway is 16… fair play to them. So, for better or worse, here you go.

  • Dirty old man

    I'm old enough to be her grandfather, but, yeah, I'd …..

  • Thunderlipps

    Let's see her mom. She's got to be a MILF too

  • SantiGE

    Just WOW. The most beautiful girl I've seen in a loooooooooooooooooooong while!

  • bob

    oh what makeup and professional photogs can do.

    she's way too young to be hot. sorry.

  • scrabs

    true story, she visited my school today. We had an open school for kids to check out and see if they wanna begin here, and she was one of the kids that came.

  • wehadababyitsaboy


  • http://twitter.com/adamfrazier15 adam

    and she just turned 15

  • Wow

    So gorgeous, we need to see more of this one.

  • Payce

    I'm moving to Norway.

  • anon

    Damn i would rape you ❤

  • http://www.hot-facebook-girls.com Stacy

    Oh my goodness!

  • downfall616

    Norway! Here I come! *gigidy*

  • Dave

    truly beautiful


    Hei, jeg turkey 'kunne ikke tie i ansiktet av en slik skjønnhet av en ubeskrivelig skjønnhet

  • ozi

    storm the front !

  • spenny

    i just fell in love

  • Lauryn

    while i do not deny that this girl is an uber babe… when i was in europe chicks like her are a dime a dozen. seriously. its like girls that hot fall out of trees over there or something. never have i felt so terrible looking. lol

  • Anonymous

    hands down she is beautiful, but so is most 16 year old girls. The true test is when she is 25

  • Shawn

    Sooooo beautiful,can u be my wife?lol

  • BassShark

    #11.. Well played Barney Stinson, well played.

  • Always Last


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