Everything on the internet is true (19 photos)

  • Bob

    #8 too true, far too many girly men out there now

  • Sangimil

    #5 OMG Tell me that that there was truly a penis inspection day! I wansn't molested! =[

  • Tim


    Well, isn't that the truth. Couldn't find a job with my degree for two years. Worked retail in the meantime and decided to get my RN license. Now, that's a guaranteed job. But it is pretty… no doubt about that.

  • NOUU

    #8 exactly.

  • Wapiti

    R.I.P. Major Winters

  • ros

    BTW, #2 is by Albrecht Durer, 1507. It's in the Prado Museum in Madrid. It's unbelievable someone could paint so well.

  • Palaeontologist

    #2 – Hi creationists. Please go f*ck yourselves.

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