Iconic celebrities in their youth (25 Photos)

  • mememe

    no love for susan sarandon in her early years?

  • Moby

    You forgot to mention Danny Devito man!!!!!!!!!!!!! That one is LITERALLY mind blowing!!!
    check it http://www.gonemovies.com/WWW/Drama/Drama/OneFlew

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Ah, he's so cute!

  • Rick

    #1 Looking like a BOSS… Slap you like a BOSS!

  • Phil

    I have a friend who looks exactly like #17

    Also, DAMN Betty White! I never knew… #5

    • sarah

      put him on The Berry!

  • Melanie

    #1 #6 #17 DAMN!!!

  • VampJenn

    #10 Harrison as Han Solo is hotter. oh, the things i would do to Han Solo.

    • BloodScrubber

      I can't believe there isn't at least ten "lightsaber" jokes posted under this. ^^
      just sayin…
      Chive on Vamp.

      • VampJenn

        i wish there were. i would love that.

        • yup

          Girl, you know Han was more of a Blaster-type, don't ya? Fast hands and quick shots, lol.

          • VampJenn

            HA! nice! i would play with his Blaster any day.

  • lfsg

    Morgan Freeman FTW!

  • Conor

    #13. Nicholson, aged 5.

  • Heber Coll

    Liam Neeson looks exactly the same today….

  • Sarah

    Whoa! Helen Mirrin was super hot!

  • Andy

    Emma Thompson is still hot now

  • skylarrrr

    Betty White was one hot mama….what am I kidding? She's still hot!! :DDD

  • Moose

    #20 Morgan Freeman was Easy Reader on the Electric Company. So solid. "Easy Reader, that's my name. Unh, unh, unh, unh." It's on Youtube if you haven't seen it.

  • clay

    Costner looks a little like Christian Slater in that shot #16

  • a bit of derp

    #6 #19 and #20
    are all super badass

    also the sylvester stallone one looks a lot like mike portnoy lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/Triathlynne Lynne McNaught

    #25 Douche then, douche now.

  • bubblerider86

    Vintage hotties 😉

    • BloodScrubber

      Explain/expand on your use of the term…Vintage..Bubbs. 😉

  • guest

    that's what I thought too.

  • Catence

    7, 8, 10, 17, 21, 24….

    I'll take one of each!

  • Jason

    HHHAHAHAHA#12 I cant help but say it that way now! hahhaha……..so easily amused

  • Tim

    Getting old sucks…

  • its_forge

    Frickin' Redford man. Dude's so sexy *I* wanna nail him. (snerk)

  • not bob

    #14 is sooo late for pedobear,

  • ricky

    i dont think matt damond deserves to be here hes a good actor but not compatemmre to the rest

  • andrew1953

    Step out of that barrel ma'am,hands on your head-now!

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