• http://twitter.com/chris_j0hnston @chris_j0hnston

    I have put so many hours in LHX Attack Chopper it is disgusting, I almost forgot how great that game was

  • george

    halo combat evolved? i'm assuming thats what he meant when he said theres one missing. also original unreal tournament 1998 with the unreal engine completely changed the face of fps.

    ah well i spose there will always be arguments on videos like this

  • http://twitter.com/WilliamTeach @WilliamTeach

    How about Sin?

    The Jedi Knight games? Deus Ex? Far Cry? Delta Force? No One Lives Forever?

  • Mordecai

    ffs, stop the dead space 2 ad already, it's out!

  • dan

    Bond, GoldenEye 007 anyone

    • Lee

      Golden eye was there.

  • Boscoe

    No Postal 2? This list LIES.

  • shazbot!


  • ultrabot

    look again, its in there.

  • Rick

    All these games look the same!!!

  • Ricky

    no fucking turok lame

  • goldeneye


  • Boggle

    Dark Forces 1 & 2. How do you leave those out?

  • Banana_man

    They could have halved the time each game had on screen and put the double the amount. Delta Force 1, Halo, KillZone, Unreal Tournament, Left-4-Dead, Decent, …the list is endless.

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