Finally a yacht that’s up to my Godlike standards (27 Photos)

This epic yacht is owned by Russian President Medvedev.
The yacht, known as Sirius, can be rented by anyone for a mere 350 thousand dollars a week. Should be easy enough.

  • Art

    It's gotta suck to have that much money. Just saying…

    • Just Sayin'

      how dare you use my name in vain! :O

    • sixdeadelves

      a floating mansion

  • tommybhoy

    #27 But where is the rocket launchers, AA guns and mini submarine armed with nukes?
    I expected much more from the Russians….

    • Lau

      There are probably 2 Akula II's under the surface and a squadron of SU's on the standby. Can never be too careful when relaxing at that level.

  • Holly Sands

    I am so jealous right now I feel slightly sick… But it still reminds me of a customs boat from the outside.

  • brandon yates

    Every week, there is at least one of these "we wish we had money" picture collections, and it usually involves some sort of boat.

    1) We get it, we're poor.
    2) Fire(Ban,Murder, Obliterate, etc) the fool that green-lights this stupid shit.
    3)We would all rather be looking at fine-ass women.

    C'mon Chive, get with it.

    • Deaner

      3) Why? So you can look at other things you can't have?

      • Kjell King


    • vicrom252

      We should (Ban,Murder, Obliterate, etc) you for giving the green light on that comment

      • Lev

        But he has a point; this is a porn site, after all. Derp.

        • vicrom252

          NO its a man site
          if you dont like chicks, She Chive is to the right

  • Evan Wilkinson

    WTF?! is #16 a transporter pad?

    • ShadowCorp

      Looks like somebody's inner geek is showing….lol, nah, I was thinking the same damn thing 😀

    • Ace


    • Naz1962

      We certainly HOPE so!

    • Dave23

      Time to upgrade at the pack a punch!

    • Zoey

      I thought the same thing.
      Just don't forget to BOOST THE CONFINEMENT BEAM!

  • mipo2010

    Alright Chivers Let's unite here!!! Let's get enough of us together and throw the 1st annual Chive cruise…

  • vicrom252

    #27 id bone a chick in every room.
    or just dream about it

    • vicrom252

      Forever Alone 😥

  • DanielB

    Gosh darn it i wish i werent poor =[

    • EdxVen

      Stop using the phrase 'gosh darn it' and you might not be

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  • Hannah Jayne Prangnell

    There are alot of chairs and couches on that boat!

  • ShadowCorp

    #27 When the world goes to crap I'm stealing that boat and your all invited.

  • AnyoneForCoffee
  • chrisdg74

    Opulence: If you can rent this boat, you has it.

  • gaz

    And then a tsunami comes along and it belongs to Poseidon 😉

    • ROK

      actually tsunamis are tiny waves when out in deep water. the trouble comes when they get close to shore.

      • yoo

        … and then godzilla comes along

  • ldj408

    #16 is the transporter room from Star Trek.

  • Paula


    did not like the bed sheets


  • Melkfett

    No helideck? No thanks…

  • MigraineBoy

    In Russia, boat owns you.

  • Naz1962

    Price tag??

  • tsukushi_


  • Grayson

    I like that it doesn't even sail under the Russian flag. Now there's confidence in one's country.

  • virgin

    I bet that would get me laid.

  • Cris_Ron

    looks like a load of hotel rooms

  • Mark Cebrian

    I like how it has cabinets, and coffee tables everywhere for those political fucks to snort their coke on. And alot of chairs, but I guess that's what all politicians do is just sit on their asses 🙂

    • Clinton

      Wouldn't you?

  • Quinn039

    ehy the hell would anyone need so many friggin places to sit? Im pretty sure 75% of those pictures were of chairs, couches, benches and the like… just sayin….

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