Finally a yacht that’s up to my Godlike standards (27 Photos)

This epic yacht is owned by Russian President Medvedev.
The yacht, known as Sirius, can be rented by anyone for a mere 350 thousand dollars a week. Should be easy enough.

  • Andreas Gauffin

    No helipad? Pass!

  • OwnerOfYou

    Where's the stripper pole?

  • abipolarguy

    pfft! nothing less than the billion dollar yacht for me (designed but is unbuilt)

  • Mike

    i have that couch #11

  • Anonymous

    TV’s = Too Small

  • jerk

    its a cruise

  • Bunker Punk

    If you can afford $350k/wk to rent it, you can probably buy one. Not saying its a smart investment, but smarter than pissing $350k down the pacific shitter.

  • guest

    Hmmmm….I don't think it's big enough for my standards

  • aosux

    Loose lips sink ships but I'd being willing to risk it with this boat and some sluts.

  • richpeopleareevil

    and there are people all over the world who can't afford clean water. fucking ridiculous.

  • Paul

    According to Wikipedia:

    Medvedev's reported 2007 annual income is $80,000, and he reported approximately the same amount as bank savings. Medvedev's wife reported no savings or income. They live in an upscale apartment house "Zolotye Klyuchi" in Moscow.[citation needed]

    I think I speak for us all when I say WTF!

  • Ivan

    Can you rent a single room? 🙂

  • Bob

    It's okay I guess.

  • top dog

    If I was able to pay $350.000 dollars a week to rent a yacht I should be able to buy my own.

  • RobertC

    TheChive then bought this yacht.

  • sandler

    but does it have its own submarine?

  • glennco

    sums up your corrupt country when the pres owns this

  • MrCjv

    I don't like it. Even if i had the money i would't buy it. There is no character to it. It does scream "I'm for sale, I'm squeezy clean and invite all your corporate bros to come on board. Naaaaa Gimme a Pirate boat any day over this one me heartys! More Booty then.

  • Ariani

    I’m from vashon, seen it in porsen. There’s not much left to it these days. I think that picture was taking in the 90 s when it was still more intact.Also its not near the K2 ski factory. Its near the high school. Oh and I’ve never heard the story about the boy going to war and all that. I don’t think it has an ounce of truth especially since the bicycle is really tiny. I don’t think they would have sent 10 year olds to war, or to build forts that had already been mostly constructed (they started work on the above mentioned forts in the 1890 s).An author created a children’s book about it called the red ranger came calling, which has its own version of the events that led up to it being a treed bicycle.

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