Friends like these (35 Photos)

  • xave

    Nope, no Ben Roethlisberger any of the pics.


    photo 1 is shopped,, dryers are bigger.. and they are heavy they would sink into the couch

  • Train2k

    #18: Hey, I know! Let's block his airways, I mean… what could go wrong?!

  • Locode

    real fucking mature. what a bunch of cornholers.

  • ronnie

    These guys probably had an awesome time bewfore passing out. Oh to be young..

  • Boscoe

    Sooner or later someone is going to teach their hilarious "friends" a lesson by choking on their own vomit while wrapped in saran wrap or having to get a limb amputated when the bloodflow is cut off after hours spent folded up in a dog cage.

    Fucking morons.

  • bud

    anyone else notice the racist arm of #24

  • Diana Santos

    #1 even a washig machine???? xDxD

  • JRB

    #24 says "I H8 Naggers" on his arm

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  • BloodScrubber

    #13 At least these morons went with a theme.

  • abipolarguy

    Except tor maybe #22 there's not a spark of creativity or originality. Messing with your passed out friend is such a cliche. No longer interesting

  • MiddleLane

    I hope the assailants checked these guys pulses beforehand.

    A few don't look so "alive."

  • She'sApeach

    #16 "The stones, are in me…."

    • Tomasz Zee Buratynski

      finally a comment bout that picture! By far the best. i cant tell what it is, but made me fucking laugh hard.. still lgauguin actaully!

  • ID10T

    Holy shit, #14 looks exactly like me

  • civicguy

    Anyone notice whats happening behind the couch in #30? Dude in red looks like he likes it lol

  • @Kchurch11

    #35 is incredible

  • a gay question

    so, let's say a gaggle of nancy-boys get sauced on appletinis or whatever. when one passes out, do his friends draw boobs and write "I LOVE VAGINA" on his face? i mean, they're light in the loafers and all, but it's still a bunch of drunk men.

  • bloodyspartan19

    wow these guys take it to the extreme when someone passes out at a party I'm at I find a vhs tape and put it on their body. Last party I went to someone woke up to them hugging "To Grandmother's House We Go" starring the Olsen twins.

  • MrCjv

    #27 looks bs. Also remember that skin needs to breath. If you saranwrap someone or duck tape them, even though their head is exposed they can experience issues breathing. Not a good idea ya drunktards, lol.

  • theneedleslinger

    all because they fell asleep with their shoes on ill bet!


    #7 pissed himself….the embarrassment is now complete.

  • stubbornguinea

    #3 Really? Stuff 'em in a dog cage with his neck all bent? If he's that drunk, he's more than likely gonna hurl…can't puke with your neck bent like that…hell, airway's nearly half blocked already.

  • shane
  • Joniel

    #35 Very funny, poor guy,

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