More animals that don’t suck (26 Photos)

  • thuppy

    hot dog R.I.P.

  • Can Öktem


    • The Voice!

      +1? I call mega raging bullshit! quit giving urself thumbs ya queer!

      • O-H, I-Uh-Oh

        hey, he called his shot so i thumbed him up…gotta give props where props are due

  • joeybeadz

    Is ready for mordor #19

  • Malcom X

    #7 yeah u know what? i dont blame him

  • RiKo

    #12 Shave that pussy!

  • RiKo

    #25 Like a boss

  • VampJenn

    #3 Professor Dog find your poor grammar unacceptable.

    • Chris

      Professor Dog finds your poor grammar unacceptable … findS …S…

      • JohnnyT

        Fuck you

        • Lardass

          NO by all means Fuck You!!

        • Chris

          No no I insist, FUCK YOU. If someone is going to Troll and comment about Grammar then their grammar should be correct.

          • Fuck Chris

            Looks like typo, fuck you

            • VampJenn

              it was a simple typo! thank you for defending my honor. my heroes 🙂

    • Brand_n

      More like "Hipster Dog thinks Nietzsche is becoming too mainstream."

      • VampJenn

        that is a genius comment! well done!

    • Mike Duncan


  • pony

    #5 had me floored

  • RiKo

    #5 Doggy style

    • weaksauce

      Thank you John Madden for the play by play

  • Bryan

    #20 Very very sneaky sir.

  • @withquotation

    #8 Susan Boyle is not an animal.

  • JAFitC

    #17 with boxes followed by #18 with a boxer? Well played sir, well played.

    • personsauce

      That is not a boxer. That's a boston.

      • lessnuts

        That's not a Boston. That's a French Bulldog.

        • Beth Vogel

          Third time's the charm.

        • Edo

          That's not a French Bulldog. That's divorce if dog is yours.

    • Pudge

      and even if it was a boxer, it still wouldn't be "well played, sir". tool.

  • slappy


    Call me once you get that monkey off your back.

    • Naz1962

      Dammit I was gonna say something like that, but you beat me to it! lol 😉

  • dingleberry

    #20 is the best!!!!

  • Chris

    #1 poor dog looks frightened!!! Adorable lil guy though

    #20 looks like me Ex's cat Bob. Cute lil bugger.

    Anyone else notice how deviant cats look even when they are cute and how dopey dogs look, even when they try to look mean?

  • mgreen

    My friend has the same hat as #19

  • JBintheNC

    oh hai! #9

  • mondooh

    #18 Fuck yo couch!!!!!!!

  • Bob

    How did #20 happen??

  • Beth Vogel

    #2 That's a nice pair of hooters.

  • NotaTrap

    #5…that's how he keeps the sheep in line…..

  • Tim King

    #5…. This made my day..

  • uly

    Great animal post today.


    #15, "Do it look like I'am smiling mutha fucker? I'am about to get in your ass"

  • dude

    #14 luv it

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