Some old, some new, most funny (22 photos)

  • chrisdg74

    #3 – And not a single fuck was given that day.

    • LukeSkywalker

      Like a BAUS!

  • P.Bailey

    #6 #21
    C'mon Chive…

    • Ice cream paint job

      everytime Chive double posts and angel gets sodomized

      • corey's tattoo

        On a side note, my daddy gave me a sealed decantuer full of angel farts when I was 10, I keep it above my fireplace. I think angesl are nifty.

    • Hugo 'Huey' Castaneda

      It could be one of those "What's different about these pictures" thing.

    • Locode

      lazy lousy crap. the chive has jumped the motherfucking shark.

      fucking micks.

    • Sammy

      They did it to his lips too…. awsome!

  • aosux

    #15 is hilarious

  • @importantcrap

    #10 – Words to live by.

  • CIA

    #12 covering up his boner

  • corey

    Fuck Sorry Mom Tattoo. I actually have a tattoo from them and they fucked it up and now i have a scar

    • TheGrinch

      They should call it "cry-babies come here for tattoo's" Tattoo

    • simon

      was it of an ice cream on your face?

    • Malcom X

      was it a vagina where ur dick used to be?

    • Justin Hall

      Did they accidentally spell your name correctly, Corey?

    • douchey mcdouche

      Corey…please elaborate on how they screwed your butteryfly tattoo up.

      • Justin Hall

        Holy crap, we trolled the fuck out of that guy,

        • McBeastie

          Thanks to #5

    • JDB

      Is it too late… You've never been anywhere dickwad.

  • Malcom X

    #1 A black prez?…….im not sure what to do with mah hands

  • Tloc

    funny, but prob. staged #8

    • Lardass

      probably they all are

    • BloodScrubber

      Texting DURING sex?….Youre doing it wrong.

      • A BiPolar Guy

        That's what he said

      • yoo

        how about taking a call while getting a bj?

      • Nateb123

        She would have just called him but her mouth was full

  • Poot

    #18 I don't which one is funnier

    • Lardass

      I don't which one either

    • Paz

      I was gonna leave a comment saying I'd laugh at him for looking like that over a persons crack. lol

  • Jay

    #20 Should be a standard feature on all e-mail programs.

    • J-Lev

      There should be one for texting also, maybe an Are-You-Sure-About-This-Man? You-Remember-Last-Time. App

  • tommybhoy

    #7 Now how to do I apply for that job, I have huge experience and good references

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  • Boss

    …with a tiny dick.

    • Malcom X

      Thats just the tip bitchmode!

  • misschris

    #14 – that's in my town! Good ol' downtown Fredericksburg, VA.

    • Lolocopter

      I was so happy to see Fredericksburg represent on the Chive

    • Mike

      Yes! First time I've seen Fredericksburg chivers! I live 5 minutes away from this place.

    • Trev

      FREDVEGAS made onto the Chive! Hooray for us!

  • VampJenn

    #20 is genius, i love that the choices are Sleep or Redtube. because when you are drunk and recently dumped those are the best choices. lol

    • Bdubgnes

      I think all Windows warning and pop-up errors should have a Redtube option.

      Or after you install something. [Restart Computer] [Redtube] [Restart then Redtube] [Redtube then Restart].

      • Sir-Faps-Alot

        meh redtube sucks pornhub thats where its at

  • DanielB

    #4 this is what i imagine going to india is like =]

    • Diego_UK


  • Pete

    #18 Do you know what's really sad about that?

    I know that drunk, and I think I know the girl too.


    • FLHomesteader

      Yeah, I didn't really know that was sad, but thanks to you… I do!

    • HANK

      Ya you should consider that to be great not sad you have now vicariously lived your 15 secs of internet fame thru these two CHIVEON

  • CIA

    Yes thanks denzino that was the joke

    • Tristan

      so was he's covering a boner you moron

  • Chris

    #11 pwahahahahaha. The things Alcohol makes you do!!! That girl is going to text all of her friends and tell them she met a real hotty last night at the club!!!!

    • Steven

      Don't mean to ruin your fun. But it's Jonny Knoxville.

  • Bdubgnes

    Without trying to discriminate…. I don't know what's funnier about #22, that's his jacket says "Shitty" or that he's 18.

  • Dazilla

    #9 i almost could stop laughing, seeing Depp grin like that.

  • Nicholas Allred

    #19 I've seen this a thousand times. Never gets old.

    #20 I was laughing my ass off for ten minutes reading this. I've been there.

  • nomad78

    But put Snoop dog picture instead

  • HawkEye

    That's Chris for ya, not a single original thought…..

    • DaddyD

      And this picture might have been moderately entertaining the first 12 times it was posted.

  • Naz1962

    #7 MUST be Chive staff, hard at work, because #6 has been posted before, and now TWICE again?? WTF

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