Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn (13 Photos)

Meet Shannon McMahon and Chris Platika

I was blown away when Shannon contacted me last week with an idea to propose to the love of her life on theCHIVE. Here’s a part of our original correspondence:

Huge fan of the site. My boyfriend Chris is also a huge fan of the site. We’ve been together almost 3 years and I want to propose to him. We met at college in Vermont and we are truly soul mates- if that crap even exists. I’m an intern at Westside Comedy in Santa Monica around the 3rd St Promenade. We aren’t anything hot or special, just two normal young adults that like stuff like Star Wars and Chive.
ps. Wouldn’t that suck if he said no? haha, anyways- thanks again for doing this- you guys rock.

We’ll be sure to update you here with a follow-up as soon as we can with the full story tomorrow. I’m told Chris is at work right now and checks theCHIVE a couple times a day so it’s just a matter of time until he sees this. Shannon has promised more photos. Also, I assure you this is quite real (would be kinda sad if it wasn’t, ya’ know?).

AWESOME UPDATE: He said yes! I’m told we’ll have a video of the event and photos for a post tomorrow.

  • TIM

    Why hasn't he posted. I want to see him answer back on here. Big win Chive!

    • Brother Maynard

      Look up.

    • aleXTC

      i think he did already

  • NCB


    goddamn I love this website

  • Brad

    let's face it, this guy is a little tubby and you're probably the hottest chick he can get, he'd be dumb to refuse…

    • Steve Shaw

      Let's face it… you're a cunt.

    • ohmyguinness

      Douch nozzle.

      • ohmyguinness


    • Mario

      Don't be bitter dude. I'm sure they'll repeal the law in your state and allow you to marry your right hand.

      • Steve Shaw

        Or his sister.

    • Brad

      Gee whiz, lighten up people, are we on TheChive or the Oprah Network? I didn't intend to be mean, meant it as a joke, ok, maybe a bad joke given that this isn't a prank like you would suspect…

  • Anakrusix

    Wow! Hope the best for you!!

  • Chris!

    Hey Chive! Of Course I Said Yes! Still At the Top Cow office, but will send some pics as soon as I get home!

    Ps. Last name is Platika not Platica πŸ™‚

    • Lisa_Martin

      Congratulations to you both!!! YAY. Love on. πŸ˜‰

    • Mario

      Top Cow comics? Win win, my friend.

    • ohmyguinness

      Congratulations! Awesome girl.

    • Andreas Gauffin


  • Pete Vigil Jr.

    So freaking awesome. You have an awesome girl…

  • ssf

    Cute and way cool…say yes…it's a no-brainer, buddy!

  • Brother Maynard

    That's good stuff.

    Congratz you two!

  • zman

    Congrats!!! Chive on you two!!

  • electrogenic

    Wow…is anyone going to point out how badly this guy let himself go? Let's hope he doesn't pile on any post-wedding-pounds hey

  • Dale

    I thought this was going to be about the couple who met thanks to the Chive while stuck at an airport.. But still awesome! Congrats guys!

    • TCUchiver

      still wanting to hear an update on whatever happened with those two as well

      • European

        I think they died

    • MigraineBoy

      I tought so too.

  • Dunny_

    Congratulations to both of you!!
    The Chive also posts very unique Reception Food Ideas.

  • Lisa_Martin

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If he hadn't said yes I was gonna propose to you…and that'd be a problem because neither one of us is a lesbian. πŸ˜› GOOD LUCK ya crazy kids you. πŸ™‚

  • OwnerOfYou

    You're a fine woman, Shannon. We hope you and Chris have a beautiful life together. Congratulations.

  • Axman

    My Ex proposed to me. We aren't together anymore. Yea Good Luck Tho. πŸ™‚ lol i mean it…

  • Gary


  • john

    Say yes Chris. I do hope this is real though.

  • Shannon

    Hey guys,
    Shannon here. So I am extremely happy and a little sad at the same time. I am a little disappointed to see such mean comments from my fellow chivers about my future husband! He is the most loyal, amazing, caring, sweet person on the planet, and I wouldn't change a thing about him. We are great for each other, but on our own we might not be perfect, but together we go great.
    Anyways- I still love you all, but please be a little more gentle!
    Love always, Shannon

    • Doug Zimmerman

      Congrats Shannon!

    • Lisa_Martin

      Shannon…you did kinda open yourselves up to criticism by doing it this way. Take the good comments, forget about the bad. Not worth the irritation. πŸ˜‰ I'm happy for you both. πŸ˜‰

    • MigraineBoy

      Don't let it get to you. These are people who don't know you, and you'll never meet.

    • favian

      Shannon darling,

      you proposed to a guy on the internet. you're going to have anonymous assholes say a couple mean things (I've only seen a couple btw)

      the positivity is overwhelmingly in your favor. that's all that matters. If you you're sad, I have to say i'm surprised to hear that considering how much love your getting right now. congrats. enjoy this

    • uber guy

      Shannon. You're hot. You need to be confident enough to know that. I've never seen so many positive comments. you're always going to have a few weeds in your roses my mom used to say.

    • moar

      fuck the haters … peace, love and thechive!

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      Well said. I think I speak for all of the chive when i say that we wish the best for you and bitch tits chris,and keep an extra car jack handy in case he rolls over on you.

      • Man

        Whatta dick!

      • WangDang!

        LOL…bitch tits….

    • WangDang!

      You post this on the internet…what did you expect? Hugs and kisses all around? Wahhhhhhhh. This isn't some mid-nineties, lame-ass, Meg Ryan movie.

      Goddamn kids…

      GET OFF MY LAWN!!!

  • Troll
  • Lisa_Martin

    And John…if you're HOPA'ing us…there will be blood sunshine…lol I hope it's as real as real can get though. πŸ™‚

  • Jeff Mullin

    Talk about picking a winner. Nice work Chris! Congrats!

  • Jedi

    This is a great story, but sounds like another chive prank, hope its not, so congrats just in case

  • Lucky

    congrats!!! this makes me happy for the world.

    • dennis eckersley

      so wrong yet I still laughed…god damn u devil-

  • ktxl


    (But "you're" not "your". Thanks.)

    • For Chan

      seriously? fuck off.

  • TCUchiver

    CONGRATULATIONS! no tell him it was a joke and run far far away…jk

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