Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn (13 Photos)

Meet Shannon McMahon and Chris Platika

I was blown away when Shannon contacted me last week with an idea to propose to the love of her life on theCHIVE. Here’s a part of our original correspondence:

Huge fan of the site. My boyfriend Chris is also a huge fan of the site. We’ve been together almost 3 years and I want to propose to him. We met at college in Vermont and we are truly soul mates- if that crap even exists. I’m an intern at Westside Comedy in Santa Monica around the 3rd St Promenade. We aren’t anything hot or special, just two normal young adults that like stuff like Star Wars and Chive.
ps. Wouldn’t that suck if he said no? haha, anyways- thanks again for doing this- you guys rock.

We’ll be sure to update you here with a follow-up as soon as we can with the full story tomorrow. I’m told Chris is at work right now and checks theCHIVE a couple times a day so it’s just a matter of time until he sees this. Shannon has promised more photos. Also, I assure you this is quite real (would be kinda sad if it wasn’t, ya’ know?).

AWESOME UPDATE: He said yes! I’m told we’ll have a video of the event and photos for a post tomorrow.

  • JoelJordet


  • Indy Girl

    I think theChive should attend the wedding! CHIVE ON YOU 2

  • Screwdriver

    I had to man up…..a tear started forming.

  • Inv8erZIM


  • deebs

    It takes guts to ask as a woman! She is a keeper

  • tit shalker

    uhhh i bet this is as fake as that "i quit thing" a few months back. Good idea though!!!

  • BGo

    It's a trap

  • El Jefe

    Say "no." She doesn't know how to spell "you're" properly. Deal-breaker.

  • Taylor Chalupiak

    He better not say no… she's already out of his league.

    Congrats thou big guy.

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      That's not true, she's equally unimpressive.

  • Tim King

    I believe that's his and Shannon's posts in there. CONGRATS GUYS… and Chive, as always you guys rock in so many ways. One of these days I hope I get to meet you guys..

  • Sean

    hahaha, congratulations. I love that she is the one asking, kind of refreshing actually, lol.

  • MigraineBoy

    The best of luck to the both of you. 🙂

  • TieCieMatic


  • WhatWillBee

    Amazing! Fair play to ya Shannon, and congrats to you both!

  • Will

    good luck!!!!

  • miike


    congratulations guys!!!!

  • Tristan


  • llama beans

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. The chick is proposing to the dude? That ain't gonna work. If he ain't proposing to you, there must be something going on. Not anything scandalous, but it clearly shows that he is not ready. If he is, I guess we know who wears the pants in that relationship.

    • Elton John

      Well obviously, he wears the maternity dress…….

  • Word

    I wish I had a chivitte of my own =/

    FB me

  • Silje

    This is adorable! Congratulations!

  • Deuce

    Tits or GTFO. But seriously, this is cool and congrats to both of you.

    • dennis eckersley

      what do you mean? Chris has great tits…

      • Elton John

        I know right? I'd suck the hair off 'em.

  • Serge

    Get on your shit dude! answer the damn question!

  • dennis eckersley

    Shannon seems very cool, and I bet she knows how to ride a dick-

    • dennis eckersley

      what? Im sure Chris appreciates that u down-thumbing haters!

    • Shannon's Ex

      Unfortunatly, no. She rides like a jockey full of bourbon.

  • Kjell King

    Awesome! Congrats! John and Leo should throw you an engagement party

    • Fishy

      At least send them a copy of that damn video game y'all been pimpin'

  • SirSmokeALot

    She likes star wars, the chive.. if you dont merry her, i will 🙂

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