Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn (13 Photos)

Meet Shannon McMahon and Chris Platika

I was blown away when Shannon contacted me last week with an idea to propose to the love of her life on theCHIVE. Here’s a part of our original correspondence:

Huge fan of the site. My boyfriend Chris is also a huge fan of the site. We’ve been together almost 3 years and I want to propose to him. We met at college in Vermont and we are truly soul mates- if that crap even exists. I’m an intern at Westside Comedy in Santa Monica around the 3rd St Promenade. We aren’t anything hot or special, just two normal young adults that like stuff like Star Wars and Chive.
ps. Wouldn’t that suck if he said no? haha, anyways- thanks again for doing this- you guys rock.

We’ll be sure to update you here with a follow-up as soon as we can with the full story tomorrow. I’m told Chris is at work right now and checks theCHIVE a couple times a day so it’s just a matter of time until he sees this. Shannon has promised more photos. Also, I assure you this is quite real (would be kinda sad if it wasn’t, ya’ know?).

AWESOME UPDATE: He said yes! I’m told we’ll have a video of the event and photos for a post tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    I’m betting this is BS and just another attempt by the chive staff to generate fake hype for publicity. You D-Bags should just go back to ripping off other sites content.

  • Jimmy

    Congrats guys!

  • mondooh

    SOOOO rad, that chick is A BOSS
    … I am neva getting married unless a chick asked ME and not the other way around…. CECI (my GF) I hope your reading this

    • You will be

      alone forever

  • dcastro81

    Congrats you two! this is awesome

  • Locode

    #9 *you're*

    Don't say yes. She's an airhead.

  • moar

    rock on!!!

  • Alex Galer

    Guys! Its real! Chris and Shannon are great buds of mine. I am the friend who took the pics who is also working at Top Cow–I didn't know know what was happening so I hope the pics are ok. If you don't believe it, then check facebook. They both have profiles.

    • Locode

      of course, because facebook is completely 100% real. DERP!

  • Alex

    Not a prank. Good friends with the both of them.

    • Fishy

      I fucking love The Chive. Thanks Leo.

  • Claudia

    OMG This is super cute!!! Luv it!!!

  • Knuckles_Grymm

    Mossel Tov!!!!!

  • aleXTC

    Grats you two

  • Ben

    Shannon needs to submit a picture worthy of the sexy chivettes post!

    • Locode

      she's going to have to trim her hedge first, if you know what I mean.

  • Alex

    Please say no. You can do better.

  • denzino

    CONGRATULATIONS! What will theChive do next?

  • Locode

    Won't last more than a year.

  • Locode

    the guy is a fat-ass with lame facial hair. she'd be better off with a new vibe.

  • Sean Holden

    Awesome! Here's to a great marriage you two! *cheers*

  • Locode

    they got busted for cocaine possession.

  • Tim

    Wow… congrats, guys.

  • Colby

    I thought this was gonna be a joke about how fat this dude has gotten.

  • Bob

    C'mon big boy she's a 10 go for it.

  • BeccaB86

    Congrats! It's nice to see someone who didn't feel the need of the waiting on the guy to ask tradition.

  • Will Franzreb

    I've seen a picture of the sign in #4 before lol

  • Erik von Markovik


  • thatwasntthequestion

    Congrats. You guys seem like cool folks, so do yourselves a HUGE favor!

    Destination Wedding! I highly recommend it. (It was Negril, Jamaica for me; but anywhere tropical will do) You'll save a ton of money too!


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