• aosux

    I contribute to Arizona's reputation

  • hater

    Finally someone speaks out! Go Utah!

    • DRC

      It's been known Utah has the highest porn usage bra… been known

    • Chelsea GoddessDivine Foulk

      Actually, it's only internet porn usage. It's really hard to purchase actual hard-copy porn in Utah so more people buy from the internet, whereas other states have both options. *The more you know!*

  • Aytchie


    • Anjin-San

      You know, all these werewolves and vampires…

    • Jimbo_slice

      does a dude fuck a bear in the woods?

      • MegaPhone

        "Bear fucker! Are you ok?"

    • SeaBassEX

      Mr Hands

      • babymistakes

        My thought exactly. Ouch.

    • Walter Sobchak

      Enumclaw is killing us!

    • Gillette

      Just because WA women are hairy, doesn't qualify them as beasts… or does it?

  • @Rham_Forktail

    Woooo, I'm from Binge Drinking! But unfortunately, I'm currently living in Taxes 😦

  • devil may care

    N. Dakota- Ugliest? hahaha- actually I've fucked a couple of really hot girls from ND…

    • devil may care

      for all u thumbing down how long has it been since you've been laid?

      • This Guy

        not as long as you, assbag

        • devil may care

          well fuckwad I stand by my original statement, and btw one of the chicks had the tightest, slickest pussy I've ever fucked! (so suck on it haters)

          • Charles

            durrrrr alert. devil may care = 14 yr old virgin. GUARANTEE!

            • devil may care

              actually I'm 28, and apparently all of the douchebags who wack off to this site every day don't like to hear about someone actually getting any…point taken-

              • corey

                Congrads on being 28 and still a virgin! Well done sir! Do you get good cell phone reception in your mom's basement?

                • devil may care

                  haters haters haters- I actually own my home, thx Corey- anyone else have any bs to share?

                  • CIA

                    ur gay! YES I WINZ!

                  • Billy the Accountant

                    if you own your home lets see the address. and your real name then you can prove that you own a house.

          • Chelsea GoddessDivine Foulk

            That's what you get when you bone a twelve year old!

    • devil may care

      all of you can kiss my hairy ass, go fuck your mom's nylons you losers-

      • Chelsea GoddessDivine Foulk

        If you have a hairy ass you obviously hold women to a lower standard than most people. Thus = ND is full of ugly chicks.

  • MR. T

    For the record Maine is the third dumbest, but I forgot the two dumber states

    • jeff

      maine is actually one of the smarter states, arizona and nevada are the dumbest.

      • McBeastie

        there's no way Arkansas can be left out of the dumbest race.

        • turd ferguson

          the race for the dumbest state not a race of ppl

          • MiPod

            He might be from Maine.

    • jeffroe

      You should have said ot was fourth but you forgot the other two to really prove the point.

  • Tom

    I use to snort coke and now i beat women… What a great life i live.

  • Shaun McCauley

    Actually… Connecticut has the worst drivers!

    • Phil

      I vote Rhode Island, Mass drivers are just aggressive, rhode island drivers pull out into one lane of traffic, stopping it so that they can then wait to get in the opposite lane, named the rhode island road block

    • Brett

      CT drives are with out question the worst! Mass drivers just drive in the fast lane and no one is ever in the slow lane… Does RI even count for anything besides cool places to hang out in the summer???

    • Jeff

      Sorry guys, Louisiana drivers simply use zero brain power. Only state that I've seen people on a regular basis, smoking in one hand and texting in the other….on a regular basis.

  • Mario

    Shouldn't that be "best at"?

  • WTF JP

    MN Tornados? We are not even in the top ten for most or deadliest tornado states. Lame

    • Slappy McGee

      Minnesota has the most tornadoes. Just because we're smart enough not to get killed by them doesn't mean we don't have bad ones.

    • merk

      just proves there is nothing bad about mn

  • deebs

    Wisco has not shame in our ability to drink. It's more pride

  • VampJenn

    i don't see anything wrong with Ohio. Nerdiest state is kind of awesome to be.

    • BigDingo

      I'm not too sure how you even measure 'nerdiness'

      • VampJenn

        maybe by IQ? number or Star Wars conventions? Number of Books sold? the lack of condom sales?

        • EyeGuy

          well played Vamp…. Well played

          • A BiPolar Guy

            maybe by the fact that I have an almost irresistible urge to question the lack of clear definition or objective metric for this. I could go on but I've already hurt my cause

    • qteam3d

      Concur. Not feeling particularly ashamed here in Dublin.

      • O-H, I-Uh-Oh

        woo! comin' at ya from OSU! i'll take nerdy state any day of the week…we can think up awesome shit to pump out like kid cudi and 4lokos!

    • BloodScrubber

      Youre welcome. Go Bucks.

  • ATouchofInsanity

    Wassup? Livin' in Florida…Stealin' your identity *lol*

  • Vince

    Ha! If that's what Hoosiers are 'worst' at… It's INDIANA FTW!

  • Finn

    Minnesota hasn't had a tornado in like ten year wtf?

    • Phil

      A bit curious about that one too

      • Slappy McGee

        Minnesota had the most tornadoes of all the states in 2010. Get your facts straight.

        • MN kid

          MN did have the most tornados in 2010 but that is not typical, MN is not even in "tornado alley"…. How about summers so humid your sweat doesn't evaporate.

          • Ryan

            Try Florida, it's like a sauna in summer.

  • Quagmire

    Female criminals huh? Choklahoma here I come..Giggity

  • Chris Lee

    you say binge drinking like it's a problem in my state.

  • DaddyD

    Massachusetts drivers (popularly and lovingly known as "Massholes") are rude but safe. Massachusetts has one of the lowest accident rates as well as one of the lowest fatality rates in the USA.

    • beepbeep

      Yes but just please move over from the fast lane to the slow lane so I can pass you, thank you!

    • Aerome

      Rude? DaddyD, have you been to New York?

  • Catch

    We here in Utah are proud of our porn.

    • Vince

      Actually, it's everyone ELSE's porn you're looking at. No one wants to see a Ute naked.

  • DingleberryThief

    A lot of these are just words put on shapes–Vermont infertility? And no way Maine is dumb, and MN tornadoes over Kansas? W the F. Weak, I say!

    • V4Vendetta14

      Which ever state you are from, I'm sure you are a killer of fun there too.

  • This Guy

    I live in Michigan, that is why I can spend all day on thechive! I see no problem

  • denzino

    So when are you guys hiring me? Well, I can't take credit for this one but I did rightfully steal it from a friend of mine on Facebook a couple days ago… Don't be shy, you can send me a friend request. 🙂 Chive on!

  • BeccaB86

    Worst… or should it really be best? Because apparently we're the best at killing people on motorcycles.

  • Jonathan

    Idaho's "worst" is a good thing. Why would that be a bad trait to have? And Texas's high school graduation rate is higher than its neighbors, such as Louisiana and Arkansas. This graph is retarded. What idiot put this together?

    • uberbrie

      I would believe that about Texas, we have a lot of illegal immigrants who have children in the public school system and not a lot of them actually graduate

  • Amanda Vander Stouwe

    shit you guys. I live in the rape state

    • RiKo

      Then watch your back.. 😉

    • Therapist

      Surprise… buttsex

    • BloodScrubber

      Hide yo mothers…hide yo sisters….

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