• @Gingergreek

    Loved the comments

  • Slick

    Utah FTW!

  • Sizzle

    MD…AIDS really? That's DC's fault and it's not even on the list because it's the worst at so many things they couldn't pick just one.

  • Tyrone Biggums

    I just moved to Colorado, and I really couldn't be HAPPIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!1!!!111!!!!!

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    "Oldest state"?

    Such a reputation sickens me.

    • SirDerpalot

      How can you be the worst at being oldest state? I'm twelve and what is this?

    • Carlos spicy wiener

      I surely would of said "meth-iest"

      • UWYO

        nah, Wyoming has meth-iest locked down

    • Jimbo_slice

      whats that, sonny? you'll have to type larger…

  • sirforsyth

    Maryland is worst at AIDS?….

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  • sceneitB4

    Obviously designed by someone living in their parents basement whose only seen other states by watching TV.

  • Nicholas Allred

    Yes! We got suicide! Finally, the great state of Alaska is known for something other than Sarah Fucking Palin.

  • P-diddy

    i'm pretty sure Missouri is also #1 in stds. and St. Louis is #1 in crime. WOO HOO WE'RE NUMBER 1!! (disclaimer: that is a very skewed report because the city limits don't include about 600,000 people in the surrounding area because our politicians fucked shit up a long time ago). but Missouri does have some good-ass bbq so i think everyone forgives us

  • Matt

    wow so true. New Jersey is really the worst when it comes to taxes

  • AussieRob

    The only 2 american chicks i know are both from ND and both very hot, you lie sirs!

  • Small Wonder

    I was going to leave a comment about Delaware but I aborted it.

  • Danny Goodhead

    This cant be true. I live in MD and all I can say is WTF!!

  • Niitsitapi13

    It's colorado, you've got to hit the slopes

  • spencer

    umm…new jersey has the worst drivers ever

  • @Jeffrey__Scott

    On Wisconsin!!!! How is knowing how to party a bad thing?

  • devil may care

    I'm honored- ty

  • TiminPhx

    Idaho should be proud. Why would having the government all over your ass be a good thing?

  • Ben

    People who aren't from Mass just don't know how to drive.

  • Gern Blanston

    Its a chart, where did you (not) graduate from, Texas?

  • guest


  • B1eu

    MN should be bridge fail or something not tornadoes.

  • Paul Bunyan

    Now they need to do one that is what the state is best at

  • Dan Hewett

    as a proud son of NH may i say… HOLY SHIT could we have done worse on this map

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