Things that bounce Thursday (12 GIFS)

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  • jacob

    I actually flinched a little when #13's ass came back at me

    • Keith Piscitelli

      something of mine flinched…

    • Flincher

      "Flinched" is a euphemism I had not yet heard. But to be blunt, this here Chive thing-a-ma-hickey has caused me to "flinch" on more than one occasion.

  • toby

    took me a second on #14

    • Biggus Diccus

      that shit is funny right there

    • quo

      just noticed the dog getting it on too

    • Marmaduke

      Yeah, it took me a while to notice there's a girl there too.

  • mattythegooch

    #13 Just WRECKED my Underoos!!!

    • cheezebits

      This is what I like to see while I'm at work, but also what I hate seeing at work…I am unable to leave my desk for a few mins.

  • The Voice

    #5 sweet jesus

    #14 almost fell over laughing

  • RiKo

    #5 hypnotizing o.0

    • Chris

      i think its jayden james but i cant be sure… "research" time

    • BloodScrubber

      In my mind…I keep singing the song…
      "pants on the ground…pants on the ground…."

  • Edo

    I think I just found my new favorite day and it's "Things that bounce Thursday"

    chive on!

  • Strychnine

    #2 what movie is this beauty from?

    • its_forge

      Yes I would like to know that also. It's interesting to note the young lady did that on *purpose* so whoever she was talking to would go O.O.

    • Lau

      I'm not sure what movie it is but her name is Leighton Meester.

      • k4zyc0tn

        incorrect. but i'm wondering as well

        • Lau

          How am I incorrect, I watch her every week on Gossip Girl and I can assure you it is Leighton Meester.

          • DaddyD

            Doesn't matter what her name is … she needs a post of her own!

      • its_forge

        Thaaaank you, and now I can tell everyone it's from "North Shore" in 2005 and she was 19 or 20 years old so ha ha all you pedo pedo pedo idiots.

        • Andros

          I think you need a dictionary.

          • its_forge

            What exactly do you mean? I'm not the one calling people who like to look at pictures of women who have passed puberty "pedos," I was saying OTHER people say that. What pray tell do I "need a dictionary" for?

            • Win.

              Females go through Puberty before males, and there Puberty starts at around 12 years old and finishes usually around 18…it doesn't start at 19….Maybe not a dictionary, but a brain would be good.

              • its_forge

                How does that make what I said wrong? The woman was 19 years old when that film was made; she was therefore an adult. Admiring the sexual characteristics of an adult is not pedophilia, it's ogling. Did your parents have any children who weren't born braindead?

    • seb

      Her Name is Rachael Leigh Cook, But I don't know which movie this is from

  • TJS

    #8 Does Ann Coulter have a new book out?

    • Piggy

      did you notice the creepy hand on the right side of the pic

    • its_forge

      Ann Coulter *wishes* she had that much curvosity going on.

  • jetrome

    So Hypnotic….

  • Mr_Rob

    #14 is gif-bombing, taken to the next level… way to go "TTBT"!!

  • jack

    i luv u alison

    • Hawk

      Back off! She's mine! 🙂

  • Lollersk8tz

    Where is #1 from?

    • Marz

      Leighton Meester. Possibly from an episode of Gossip Girl

    • its_forge

      Leighton Meester from "North Shore" in 2004 or 2005, apparenly a remake of a TV series from the 80s.

  • Pedobear

    #9 Pedobear approves

    • IamwhoIam

      Jail bait!

    • Giggity

      Who is that?

      • Mek

        Selena Gomez

    • dr carbine

      she's 18 mr. running bear

      • its_forge

        And that is definitely from after she turned 18 'cuz her figure didn't look like that in earlier eps of Waverly (my granddaughter used to watch the show)

        • Mr F

          Yeah…your Granddaughter 😉

          • its_forge

            LOL yes my granddaughter. If I try to watch with her I reflexively start to try to pry my brain out of my skull after the first 5 minutes.

  • Loccus

    #5………when you finally pulled your eyes away, you realized 20 minutes had passed.

    • obscure high movies

      absolutely fantasstic!

    • dennis eckersley

      unfortunately she likely has a face only a mother could love-

      • dennis eckersley

        or some of u desperate fuckers

  • its_forge

    #6 Larger please, and what is this from and thank you?
    #9 Lord in heaven is that Selena Gomez? When did she bloom forth like that?
    #13 Greatest thing ever in the history of everything
    #14 Protip: before you make a video of yourself dancing, make sure the dog's not trying to fuck the cat in your frame.

    • Phil

      #1 is from Community.

  • FLHomesteader

    I was going to write something ironic and comical, but fuck it… I'm scrolling back up.

  • Catch

    laughed so hard #14. bombed so hard.

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  • DanielB

    #9 Selena is hot Chive admit it!

  • Airwalktdk

    love them all but best bounce has to go to #3 imo

    • blues

      It's Munn with a gun!

  • TherealJoel

    #5 The ass clap. Gotta love it.

  • Sandwiches1123

    #14 is this considered a GIFbomb? solid dog on dog action.

  • Dunny_

    And my old lady has the nerve to wonder why I let the kids watch Wizards of Waverly Place.
    At least she's legal now. #9

  • Dunny_

    #12 Need. Larger. GIF.

  • Dunny_

    #14 Is the dog humpin a teddy bear??? o.0

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