Vegas, you are one sexy temptress (47 HQ Photos)

  • straus

    Damn you Chive! How dare you put a title that includes de words "Sexy" and "Vegas" and NOT show us any strippers…. that was low…..

  • McBeastie

    Vegas, you are one giant smelly shithole filled with drunk assholes.

  • cdub

    #39 does Caesar really live there?

    • denzino

      Is there like a bank of phones? ya know, pay phones, a bank of them? Is this hotel pager friendly? cuz I'm not gettin a sig on my beeper.

  • Bisketz

    More then half of these pics have crappy composition. Bush League.

  • abipolarguy

    You are charged with believing it stayed in Vegas.

    You have the right to stay out of Vegas. If you give up this right, anything you do can and may haunt you for the rest of your life. You have a right to someone with common sense present during your visit. If you desire one but cannot afford it, do the best you can.

  • fudmunki

    most idiotic place i have ever not gone back to

  • Freddy Stylez

    Vegas and no ladies. Damn.

  • Mario

    Fallout – New Vegas looks nicer.

  • TCUchiver

    #43 – just got back from Vegas and my buddy told me how, after pulling an all nighter, he went looking for bloody marys and got tired. so he took a break in the bathroom here for a second and eventually passed out for about an hour. Vegas baby!

  • Redundant

    I have a great idea for a movie. Theres 11 guys and they rob casino's in vegas. No…I have a better idea, there's 12 guys. Wait, wait…theres 13 guys right…

  • tom

    Vegas is a shit hole.


    Just got back….and my liver hates me.
    Everyone should see the Jabbawockee show at the Monte Carlo..absolutely Badass!!
    I was also lucky enough to see The Wailers while I was there. One of best concerts a man could ever attend!

  • Egon

    Vegas is FAKE from roots to roofs. Really a pathetic thing. One of the reasons for the rest of the world hates USA.

  • Loccus

    Amateur vacation photos now?

  • mbomb

    My lady took me to vegas for my bday last year, and provided a huge buildup to my special B-day surpise at the end of the week. The day finally came, and my big surprise was…..a romantic venitian gondola ride, as in #34. To which I instinctively replied, "Aww not the boats". Worst reaction ever. But c'mon, that's MY birthday surprise? Who am I Clay Aiken?

  • SJM

    I live in Vegas, so if anyone wants to visit and needs a place to stay I'm here. PS, offer applies only to girls with future lower back problems! #2

  • robertoqb

    #46 is the view from the little restaurant inside the wynn i had breakfast there once

  • Shockwave

    How the hell can you forget the In-n-Out sign off of the I-15 off of Tropicana at night? For shame, Chive, for shame!

  • Skedaddle

    Where’s the sexy ladies, Chive?

  • bendrix

    wheres city center???

  • Zoso

    I have lived in Las Vegas my whole life, it gets old real quick

  • Claire

    It's all eh. I live here and have been down to The Strip countless times. It's dirty, tacky, and gross. Not to mention in the daytime you look at The Strip and see just a cloud of smog layering the city.

  • MGP

    oh man i just got back from there and I aint gonna lie, I got some cutty last night.

  • sero

    Vegas is lame, such as this advertisement.a FAIL for chive.

  • Always Last


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