theBRIGADE: Photos of the Week (78 Photos and one soldier's quote)

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  • Vagabundo

    #35 #36 Having seen my share of sand storms (shamals) thats a hell of one to blow in pre filled hesco baskets!!!!

  • Eddie

    #38 is not hot at all. I'm sorry but I just feel the REAL female soldiers are hotter than a lot of these silicone soldiers.

    • terry burke

      agreed. chive did a whole post on this canadian nerdy paris hilton with massively fake boobs…. it was horrible, i move we stricken her from the record

    • kaveman4130

      i fully agree , #20 is one beautiful lady .

      • Punani

        Meh. They are not #42/44.

        • @sheriffpablo

          Indeed. Go Army!

  • nzcrickethead

    #77 NZ's own HERO

    • Ortill

      Zach Galifianakis heroic twin for the win

    • Kiwi

      It's guys like Cpl Apiata who make me proud to be a KIWI… Kia Kaha to all the Service men n women doing NZ Proud serving overseas!

  • SJay

    #77 reminds me of that Aussie "Assaulter" that got the Victoria Cross recently. Currently he's Australia's most decorated solder.

    • ............!

      Typical Kiwi attitude, saves guys life, gets VC, nbd

  • gorthaug

    #42, #44 thats really hot, #77 just plain bad ass

  • Hoosier 1

    Poland has always stood shoulder to shoulder with us. More Americans should be aware of this fact.

    • jrj

      I am sure the guy in the box and his family appreciate your thanks. I am also sure he and they, are asking why. Do what alone, invade yet another country to change the way of life they have been living happily for thousands of years. Because you do not like it.. America has the best trained, best equipped troops in the world, support them. Bring them home.

  • sofaking

    What in the world is #47 ? Also, number #21 is pretty cool.

    • Stevo

      is 21 a drone?

      • Stevo

        Also #47 looks like some sort of cgi mock-up, of what i have no idea.

        • @kewlboarder62

          Thats a mockup of the ripsaw. Google ripsaw and you'll find a bunch of videos on youtube, discovery and possibly the manufacturer webpage. Its a pretty badass piece of machinery.

      • Rick

        yes on 21

    • Stevo

      Ripsaw looks class, like a G.I. Joe vehicle!

  • big_hairy_si

    #77 is a real hero and role-model for our times. Forget the media feeding the likes of sporting figures and actors, men like Cpl Apiata derserve the plaudits and recognition. Good on you Cpl Apiata, you're an inspiration and model of true heroism.

    Good to see the Poles getting the recognition they derserve too. A brave an honourable people that have been on the wrong end of history too many times, but the courage and pride never died. Dziękuję.

    • kaveman4130

      sporting figures and actors are not hero's like these guys and gals ARE.

      • Dusty

        Totaly Agree sporting figures are NOT hero's they are just pushed up in the media,

        Never believe anything in the Media half the crap they say isnt true they only say it to get more Views or whatever the hell they call it.

  • B Money

    #77 Looks like a way more fit Zach Galifianakis. But seriously that guy is Kick Ass. The beard though me off. I guess you can have a beard in NZ? Why can't you in the U.S? We all need to look the same?

    • Some Bloke

      Beards are against the rules – but no-one was brave enough to tell him to shave it off! 🙂

      (Actually I think the SAS have slightly different rules to regular soldiers – maybe bearding up helps them fit in with their afghan army allies?)

      • El_Presidente_

        The reason beards in the US Military are against the rules are because in case of biological warfare you need to have a good seal on your face when you put your gas mask on. Not having facial hair gives you the best chance of survival. I guess it would apply to any military too. This guy is a badass!

        • B Money

          OH YEAH! I have heard that. That goes for some construction company's also. That makes sense. This guy really is Tony Toughnuts in the flesh!

        • yup

          In the German army it's not forbidden, in basic training yes, later, no one cares. And since the probability of NBC attacks in Stan is quite low (what are the going to do, feed their donkeys something that gives gas?), I wasn't surprised to see some soldiers with full grown beards. They say it helps with the rural population, because they have more repect for men with beards.

      • Dusty

        As a member of the NZSAS we are told to grow facial hair to fit in with Afghan army and it has been studied you have less chance of being shot at since the Target cant tell if your friend or Foe.

    • Hamchuck

      Actually some American Special Forces units are also permitted to have beards, in an effort to go more with the locals – supposedly helping to put them at ease. All depends upon your mission.

  • Sjakie

    The camo on #56 seems to need a little improvement….

  • Curtis

    #40 …..damn

    • Cap


    • Shogun


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  • ryeguy

    “I just saw my mate was injured and I needed to get him to safety and I put him up on my shoulder and carried him to safety and rejoined my mates and … yeah, that’s what happened.”

    Not just an act of bravery, an act of humanity that I think anyone would have done in the same situation to help a friend in need. Get home safely & soon for all of the troops.

  • dt337

    # 30 is what you call a fresh mattress…

  • CaptLazarus

    #39 made me laugh ramen out my nose and I haven't had any in months. Thanks

  • BloodScrubber

    #74 May God rest your weary but brave soul Cmdr Winters. Salute.

  • jojo

    #24 is a bit overkill, why not just keep the RPG's and play with them, or use them for training, or use them!!!

  • Danny
  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    #77 is balls-out awesome. God help anyone that guy catches, or sees within a mile. BAD. ASS.

  • NotaTrap

    #26….Ah, that's what that button does….

  • ChrisJ5285


  • Cris

    #30 sexy Ella with glasses.

  • Dominic Taylor

    Hey folks, May possibly be the U.S. significantly far better off staying with Syria’s Assad?

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