A few chicks you’d like us to find (28 Photos)

  • bowhuntpa


    • MigraineBoy

      Deosn't count if you print them!

      • MigraineBoy


        • googoobean

          He gets thumbs down for correcting himself?

  • Stevo

    #9 rosie jones, she's had her own chive gallery before however there's better stuff out there, and by better i obviously mean naked 🙂

    • another guy

      I thought she looked like Katy Perry.

  • Freeman

    Number 19 is Hillary Fisher

    • Peat Moss is Funny

      I think theChive has done an entire gallery for her in the past.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1082023363 John Whitsel

    #15 is so perfect except for the stinkin' cigarette … not that it would keep me from diving straight in.

    • MigraineBoy

      Do you dive muff, sir?

      • spliggs

        Let's just put it this way; once a week he has to go to the dentist for a haircut!

        • DaddyD

          You both know that you do. If you don't, you better start planning to find a new girl, 'cuz your current one ain't sticking around for long.

    • J..

      True. Cigs on a chick are a major bummer. =/

    • JDizzle

      ha! I swear I didn't see that the 3 or 4 times I looked at it! aahhh the power of tits!

    • porn king

      I believe this is the woman you are looking for….. http://www.southern-charms.com/violet/main.htm

    • gok attack

      the cat is actually sexy

  • http://twitter.com/Mattchaby @Mattchaby

    #11 looks like Susan Coffey, no?

    • Brozy

      susan coffey would have to have gotten a boob job or hit puberty to match the bust of this woman…

    • Tbags

      This is CGI, and all over the internets!

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1136641496 Dan Hewett

        link please!

    • Derpiest

      Dude thats cgi…

    • Alex

      I'm afraid your dream girl here is completely fake. This image is a 3D model. Yay for technology.
      here's a link to the artist in question: http://saphirenishi.deviantart.com/

    • Mr F

      I'd still hit it.

  • Apollos

    #19 is Hillary Fisher

    • big meech

      definitely the hottest on this post…besides #15 if she werent smoking cancer

  • mdc5150

    #26 I don't even like short hair on women but that one is hot. Every time that commercial comes on my world comes to a stand still until that scene is over.

    • Leonard Washington

      agreed, plus #5, #12 & #25 are just deliciously fine. Where's my bbq sauce?

  • Alejandro

    #19 – Hillary Fisher

  • Shawn35

    #1 & #24, gorgeous, its as simple as that

  • MigraineBoy

    #22 and #28 can always find me…

  • paul

    #19 OK…which calf was photoshopped????………still lookin' yummy

    • Taylor

      The calf is what your looking at?????

      • Phil

        Her legs are amazing! Why wouldn't you look at them?

  • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

    #28 – First step to curing my god awful hangover!!

    • yoo

      i think it's the smile+tounge combo… it's somewhat like the sexy lipbite

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=682389863 Jacob Cotter

    #28 I submit the best pics

  • MJoker

    Find #22 & #25

    They're are both insanely hot

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=545403343 Ryan White

      damn, #22 is a cutie

    • The Hatter

      You sir are a man of fine taste

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    DammitToHeck, Chive!

    I posted a Top Gear Goddess to you only yesterday! Where is she?!

    We must find her while the trail is still warm!

    Will no-one think of the children??

  • Eddie

    #11 is CG, full image has a view of her vag

    • ACC


      • abipolarguy

        I wonder if there were a live model? their often is.

        Is CG better than NG (no girlfriend)? A couple guys in Japan have married anime characters. That is weird and pathetic even in Japan.

      • K94

        Computer generated. It's not real.

        • tag

          But certain components certainly seem modeled. If you go to his real stuff he's got all kinds of detail. He would have needed models and everything. But yeah, the finished product is CG

  • mullie

    #21 could be a young Scarlett Johanssen !

    • Josh


    • BamaRes

      you sir, are blind.

    • Bud Ugly

      Not only does she look a bit older than Johanssen, they also look very little alike.

  • FixedinDC

    i laughed so hard at #10

    • Jake

      hahahahaha some guy in his moms basement is craving this manly fucking lord or the rings bitch ahahahaha

    • John


  • Mr. Nick

    #10 – What do you mean, "What?". She's in Minas Tirith just as Faramir is riding out to Osgiliath – What's so hard to understand about that?

    • fark

      adult virgin says what?

      • defrostynating

        You just called the editor an adult virgin..

        • Disso

          Pretty sure that wasn't directed toward the editor…

      • Mr. Nick

        I lol'd.

    • beck

      yeah, she is cute ! she needs her post !! add in Liv Tyler and some Cate Blanchette and do a little LOTR post !
      lots of LOTR T & A

  • BigBlackGuy

    if the above fine ass white girls are looking for a good time, call me. you know what dey say. once u go black u don't go back!!!!!

    • Uberbrie

      who are "they" and why is their grammar so bad?

    • Lucky

      how appropriate. once you go black you dont go back….to black. because of comments like this.

      • NotaTrap

        I thought it was, "once you go black you can't get credit…"?

    • Maverick

      "Once you go black you dont go back"

      Because you get stabbed i assume?

    • waah

      Thank you for making every single peron here think all black people act like this…jackwagon!

    • Naz1962

      When you learn to spell and write a sentence properly, THEN you can post. When you use words like 'dey' for 'they', it just makes you look and sound stupid. Ah the plight of the black man from generation to generation and you guys still haven't learned … sad 😦

    • http://www.facebook.com/animal107 Shane Ellerthorpe

      Race arguments don't belong on the chive. Only beautiful Chivettes! And I'm not posting anonymously trying to sound "internet tough".

    • BiggerWhiteGuy

      The actually phrase is ONCE YOU GO BLACK, WE DON'T WANT YOU BACK.

    • PWNT

      No, they say once you go black you get hepatitis and HIV.

    • http://www.facebook.com/wjacksonjr Wayne Jackson

      Wow.. some fag pretended to be black to troll you guys and he proved what a bunch of racist fucks you all are. Be proud chivers.

      • Enoch

        You are either ostensibly stupid or, well, just stupid.

        Either is entertaining.

      • Lucky

        Wow.. some moron pretended to some one of importance to feel good about himself and he proved how worthless he is. Be proud Wayne Jackson.

        self righteous @$$hole

    • Not a black guy

      First- We white boys love black dudes because they take care of all of the fat, ugly bitches so we don't have to. Second- I see a hot white chick with a black dude, and I think 'I hope she likes black dudes, because no self-respecting cracka's gonna want to touch that now' and finally- If you white chicks are into unprotected sex and getting knocked up by an unemployed, lazy as @#$* black dude who'll dump you for your fat-ass roomate, who he will also get pregnant- more power to you retards. Women aren't know for being bright, and a white chick with a black dude's wearing her filthy dumb whore card on her sleeve.

      • Maverick

        Wow you're so cool, i wish i was you.

      • Lucky

        Holy $hite that was jacked up hahaha but entertaining

    • Dylan

      My friend went black….and she immediately came back.

  • Jackie Treehorn
  • MrMav

    i would love to find #11 next to me every morning

    • rems

      Time to get a Real Doll

  • marino

    #12 #15
    some please tell me who these beauties are!

    • Dirty Dingus

      I think I saw #12 in a METART gallery….must go do some 'research'.

      • Juan_Pueblo

        ahhhhh, METART I knew!

    • Mundo

      #12 I believe is named Isabella. There are many more pics of her on the site 'Domai'

      • NotaTrap

        Allow me to explain how this works…go to Google Images, type in Isabella Met Art, turn off safe search…you're welcome.

        • ranD

          OMG that ruined her for me!!! HOLY FUCKING BEEF CURTAINS!!! i dont even put that much beef on my sandwiches….

          • Ken

            But beef is delicious!

          • its_forge

            She doesn't seem that curtainy to me; her inner labia seem to remain tucked neatly between the outer ones at almost all times…

    • porn king

      #15 is a Southern Charm…..check out http://www.southern-charms.com/violet/main.htm

  • GRRemlin

    #25 FTW!!!

    • JT12

      for the love of god please find her

  • Josh

    Whoever submitted #23 is just lazy LOL. If you know their name why not just google that. She is hot…..from the show wipeout

    • Poot

      and its Baberaham Lincoln, not Bab

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