And the award for the coolest houseboat ever goes to some rich Canadian (9 photos)

  • RobbieBobbie


  • Sheng

    'Mericans must be jealous

    • sad

      Yah just the 'mericans? trollolololol.

    • NOUU

      not really, this would be considered "not so great" in my neighborhood, nice try though.

      • MiPod

        I'm pretty sure it says coolest house boat, not coolest house in Canada. Your neighbourhood probably would look pretty good under that lake though.

      • Dillon Turcotte

        Unless your neighborhood is on a body of water your argument is invalid

    • stebo304

      no we just like good things which this is not

  • Vince

    I've got all sorts of questions about this house and Canadian winters….

    • Amanda

      Our winters are no worse than say, New York. That and this is probably in Ontario, where I would like to point out has not been hit by a single snow storm this winter. We have breathtaking cottage country, I've seen much nicer than this.

      • Cam

        Which Ontario are you living in? I'm in Ottawa and there's definitely been snowstorms. It's also -35 with the windchill here right now.

        Hard to say where the pictures are from. No mountains on the horizon, so probably not Alberta or BC.

        • waffles

          those rocks are from the canadian shield, aka defs ontario, imo.

          • Nateb123

            Uhhh….those rocks are from the last ice age. They're all over the country. Looks like part of the gulf islands in BC. Aside from a few peaks on the the islands, it's pretty flat. Plus it's just a popular place to have a vacation home because you can kayak around for a lifetime and never get bored. During the winter, it rarely ever snows so you don't have to worry about it accumulating a couple tons of snow on the roof

        • Mason

          well in Toronto we havent been hit bad at all. well, tho we are going to get some big storm on wednesday.
          so amanda is most likely close to the big city

        • hMMMM

          Is anyone else reading thsi with a Canadian accent?

      • ripper23

        haha you must be thinking of a different Ontario. There have been several severe winter storms/whiteouts/blizzards this year which have left quite a few people dead. Think before you post

      • JAFitC

        Ontario is huge. America has eight states bordering the Great Lakes, but Ontario is the only Canadian province to do so. Ontario extends from just north of Detroit, Michgian, to Hudson Bay. It is possible Amanda's locale has had no snowstorms while the rest of the province is buried in snow. No need to attack,cut her some slack.

    • ranD

      id like to point out that just because he's canadian doesnt mean these pics are taken IN canada. rich canadian could have easily built home elsewhere. or did no one else even think of that??

      • XVA

        Like to point out that London, Ontario got more than a metre of snow in two days. Sarnia, Ontario, also got pounded with snow (6ft. high drifts) in the span of a couple hours.

    • hoovus

      Either southern coastal BC or southern Ontario. Anywhere in between and you've got -30 or more with a meter and a bit of snow.

  • Seldi84

    hmmmm nice scenery but is it really a houseboat or just a dock.

    • DCMOFO

      It def looks more like a house dock

    • Bruce M Hiscott

      you would actually call it a boathouse

    • wadafakutakinabout

      really? you can't tell the difference between a DOCK and a HOUSEboat??? epic fail.

  • Jen

    i've seen a whole lot better on HGTV and the Travel channel. I say, "Meh"

  • BAMFinater

    Seems more like a floating house than a houseboat. But it is still cool.

  • MigraineBoy

    I suspect they have water in their basement.

  • jeff

    this places sucks… just like canada

    • Terry

      As much as I love the US, Canada is one of the most beautiful and diverse country in the world. I hate to say it…. but why do you think so many Americans slap a Canada flag on their luggage or backpack when traveling to volatile areas around the world? Just sayin…

      • The Real D. Nozzle

        its because they are total pussies. Any american who puts a canadian flag on their backpack should lose their citizenship for pledging allegiance to another country. little bitches…

        • Ken

          All you need to do is look at your login name and you lose all credibility in anything you say you garbage-dwelling, pillow-biting douche. You've likely never travelled and never will (as your boyfriend told me Walmart doesn't give vacation time) but traveling with an American flag on your back just doesn't bode too well overseas (due to the ignorance of other countries thinking America is full of people like yourself.)

    • U S of ASS

      typical ignorant american

    • Jaimer


    • Freddy

      Canada is actually pretty sweet. I live near the border and it's pretty sweet to pop over for a bit. It's a lot like any northern state (until you go really far north and people start speaking French) But overall it's actually a sweet country and I don't understand the Canada bashing that some of my fellow countrymen do.

      • Spike

        Actually if you go too far north the people speak Inuit (Eskimo)
        We try to keep the Frenchies in the east

  • Estaban

    Not impressed…

  • AaA

    It's more a boat house than a house boat. Maybe that was the intended word to use in the subject header?

  • Paula

    I need


    • The Real D. Nozzle

      still annoying.

      Ass poundings,
      The Real D. Nozzle.

  • CanadianChiver

    This place was written up in Cottage Life magazine a few years ago. It's somewhere in Georgian Bay, Ontario. I think the reason for this design was that the land you're seeing is actually an island and getting supplies there for building was difficult.

  • shwan

    Lets get something correct here, that is a boathouse not a houseboat.

  • fall_guy

    there are definitely nicer ones on Lake of the Woods here in Northwestern Ontario… btw, its -25 (-36WC) right now… lol

  • abipolarguy

    although the example at chive (below) of one disguised as a rock is too small, and door is out of theme, I think it's the coolest concept ever.

    and who can say how to post live links here? (as seen in other comments) I tried two methods that don't work.

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      when I post links they delete my comments. the chive can steal every bit of content from other sites, but will not tolerate posting links.

  • ....
  • TheTruth

    It's called a boat house. That's not a houseboat. For real Chive?

  • guest

    Boat house. It floats for the same reason you don't leave your boat dock in all winter. Brrrrr.

  • Marion Cobretti

    Folks, it's a Boat House, not a house boat! As in a house for your boat. A house boat is a type of boat. Georgian Bay, I'm thinking…

    • Daboss

      Yes indeed it is a boat hous but it also has a home above u know I'm guessing it's mine.

  • Logic76

    #9 owning the river like a boss

    • Daboss

      Not a rive it's a lagoon

  • Mark

    does it move?

  • reese

    did a great job of blocking the views for everyone else

  • blehblah

    Houseboat, or boathouse? The latter, me thinks.

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