Built for Urban combat this is the Israeli TAR-21 (22 Photos)

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  • pete

    is it just me or does #7 have his sight on backwards?

    • Matt

      It's the same thing on #9 but #7 does have the excuse of being Mack from Futureweapons.

      • Eli

        Holographic sights, no eye relief or forward projection on to the glass like a red dot does so It'll work just fine

  • Daniel


  • Jan Seipner

    Love it in Cawadooty!

  • Jason

    If this is what the Israeli Military is using, why is when I was there a week ago they are still use the good old American made M-4?

    • stuffsticks

      Guessing all the New recruits get the american stuff and then the proper guys get the proper harware

    • shai

      Not all units are using the tar 21 aka tavor
      some units are still using the m4

  • Atwas911

    Wonderful another devastating tool for the violent and savage jew nation to use upon the innocent people who's lands they are currently invading illegally.

    • david

      inocent people who blow busses and fire rockets

  • atwas911

    Would you not blow buses or fire rockets too if there was a hostile nation invading your lands? People have a right to defend themselves. Selfish jews were given the entire country.. But they always want more.. Pushing the borders further and further and killing anyone who objects.

    • Applecooked

      no, because military force works too. just look at Israel's history. methinks they deserve a little payback for the multiple invasions just about EVERY country that borders Israel has launched. They wouldn't have to develop weaponry such as this and the merkava.

      • Atwas911

        Perhaps if the people who owned those lands were not focefully evicted to allow the creation of the jew state they would have to worry about them anyways..

        The jews are squatters on stolen lands.. Original owners want it back.. But rather than getting it back.. they just keep getting pushed further and further off what land they how now.. HENCE the CONFLICT.

        The entire thing is because of jews stealing land. Thats It.

        • Your Brother

          You need to read a book, go to school, and look deep into yourself as to why any person would make such an empty, false, and moronic commentary. It is, and always will be, their homeland–dating back close to 6000 years. Look at what they have created and cultivated out of dessert, and more than anything, their defense forces are 2nd to none. Never again will any child of Israel–bothJewish and Christian be oppressed or discriminated against because of their homeland….and Israel will persevere to also help the Arabs who seek peaceful solutions and dialogue. Finally, your ignorance and evil tone of your message underscores your need to seek G-d's wisdom and faith. I will pray for you. ….and the conflict is a product of JEALOUSY–because the Jews are God's chosen people and remain committed to helping and serving all people who are thoughtful, peaceful, and eager to make the entire world a better place!

          • http://atwas911.wordpress.com Atwas911

            I see.. I thought you may have been someone worth arguing with.. But now i see your just another delusional religious nut job.

            Oh talking snakes! Rib Women! Jewish Zombies! *falls on the floor flopping and speaking in tongues*

            No offense.. but your kind are not always necessarily know for your accurate representations of history or events or even sanity..

            OH GODS CHOSEN PEOPLE… Yes.. Because Imaginary things have the ability to "choose" things..

            *rolls eyes and walks away*

            • jason

              the jews turned away from jesus thats why hes allowing evil to get to them america is a very big believer in jesus look how badass we are

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