Frozen food that is triggering my gag reflex (15 Photos)

These photos and more at Awesomerobo.blogspot

  • Anonymous


  • figurefour

    Wow. Nothing in this post looks appetizing.

    • This Guy

      correction, everything in this post looks appetizing

  • mark

    cripsy pancakes are awesome

    • LtothaP

      Yes, yes they are!

    • Sarah

      Yeah – I got brought up (not entirely tho) on Crispy cheese pancakes
      The chicken ones were ok till they 'improved' the recipie

      • ddd

        Its alllll about the chicken & mushroom & sweetcorn. Always.

  • busted

    Ugh. Things like this are what food drives are good for.

  • ISU Birds

    Sorry but I think #5 looks pretty delicious.

    • DCMOFO

      My thoughts exactly

    • Anonymous

      True, if you eat it separately….

    • McBeastie

      Maybe if I was high… Wait, I am high. I'm going to the store.

      • gok attack


        • fng

          Puff Puff, Pass the cookies please

    • PicklePuff

      Best idea ever. Found these in Walmart today and almost pissed myself. I bought both.

    • rcf11

      makes you wonder why they spell it 'wyngz' and not wings.

      • McBeastie

        Because "wings" implies that it is real food. "Wyngz" on the other hand…

  • Royce

    I dislike when this Paula chick posts… Anybody else agree?

    • Paula

      I'm not actually a chick, I am a 47 year old dude ^^.


      • Mikey

        Just my type 😉


      • Royce

        Pardon me while I don't give a damn.

      • JAFitC

        Hey, hey, Paula. . . .

  • figurefour

    #12 may not taste great, but it's comedy gold.

    • RealJerseyBean

      No way man, they taste awesome! Faggots and mash gotta be one of my favourite meals

      • RandomOrder

        Faggots and chip shop chips! Amazing dinner!

    • 6655321

      Why you so stupid, stupid. Faggots are fabulous.

  • flenin

    agreed – toad in the hole and crispy pancakes are where it's at!

  • Beevatron

    Wow… what ahve the Chive got against the Brits today?! These are all classics!

    #1 #9 #12 #15

    • Hope

      I was going to say exactly the same
      Though I can't say i've tried the Crispy Pancakes with minced beef

      • Simon James Law

        Well Im glad that at least we have traditional foods, although I have never even heard of crispy pancakes.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Superman is now British.

      First it was Batman. Then it was Spiderman.

      They don't like it up 'em!

    • Seldi84

      Crispy pancakes is an American thing isn't it.

    • mrjimmyos

      Agreed, toad in the hole is the shit

    • less10percent

      And the Brits are known for their culinary excellence? Not!

      • Cookie

        I suppose Americans are!?? You are having a bubble and squeak

        • less10percent

          I am not American.

          • Sebastien

            American and British food sucks and you know it

            • Pete

              Naaah. People are just scared of it because they don't like being out their comfort zone. Give me black pudding (or white pudding), faggots, melton mowbray pork pies, toad in the hole, a ploughman's lunch or spotted dick any day over McDonalds, KFC or Burger King.

              Anglo-Indian cuisine is what most people think of when they imagine a curry, and I bet at some point you've had a sandwich and enjoyed it. So, screw you, hippy.

    • twat

      minced beef crispy pancakes are awesome! not so much for the faggots though.

  • Wing Zero

    You haven't lived until you've had Sky-line.

  • Benny

    i'd eat most of that shit

  • Ryan

    #6, #8 and #10 are all good stuff.

    • Ryan

      #8 might not be great here, but White Castle sure makes a heck of a chicken ring sandwich

    • Boris

      #10 is great.

    • Peat Moss is Funny

      I can't find the chocolate chip pancakes & sausage on a stick anywhere….only blueberry. Gay.

  • Catence

    Have you had fruit pizza before? It is delicious!

    • Diana Santos

      agree,specially pineapple

  • bridget

    Cinci chili is the best! and chicken rings are good. white castle anyone?

  • Screwdriver

    #11 – Amy's makes pretty good vegetarian food.

    • Big Red

      i sense a hint of oxymoron… good vegetarian food?

    • Stress Fetish

      Anything that is a "vegetarian" version of a regular carcass filled version is weak.

    • nara

      as a vegetarian I wish that was true, sadly it is not. (excluding the No Chicken Noodle canned soup)

    • alister

      i'd rock that. aside from the flavourless tofu, the rest of it looks badass.

      yes i am a vegetarian, so what.

      • Stress Fetish

        You should be careful what you admit to on here, people might see it. Since when is there a U in flavor?

        • learn2spell

          There was always a U in flavour.
          For some reason americans decide to cut out the letter when they spell it, just like with a lot of other words.
          Stupid fat lazy americans.

          • Stress Fetish

            Canadians don't "cut out the letter" and the Central and South Americans speak a different language. Nice generalization though.

    • dumdum

      That's not food. That's what food eats.

  • bustedstr8

    I would punch a homeless person for Skyline Chili. Remove it at once

  • Nick

    cincy chilli is really good. Also, who would not want pizza and boneless wings?

  • mattythegooch

    I got a case of "spotted dick" once………..haven't been back to Vegas since!

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  • Bisketz

    #10 is great. Chive Fail!

    • Gern Blanston

      Chive – you crazy bastards, Skyline is life giving!

  • Mikey

    Why the fuck is Vanilla Monster Munch not here?

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    You people do know it's not really 'toad', yeah?

  • Nick

    I agree with Bisketz.

    Skyline is awesome!

    #10 > Chive

  • Peter Lewis

    Whats so wrong with toad in the hole or faggots? (must just be cos im welsh)….

  • Some Bloke

    #6 makes me weep for humanity. 😦

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