Frozen food that is triggering my gag reflex (15 Photos)

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  • force kin

    You cant beat spotted dick #15 Its food of the gods and takes me back to teatime at grans

    • dumdum

      Your gran had a spotted dick?

      • dumdum=moron

        No she probably made spotted dick for tea for them.

  • Frito_Pants

    Nothing wrong with #5

  • anon

    whoa whoa! if you haven't tried Cincinnati-style chili, give it a shot!

    • CB109

      Im not a fan of spaghetti in chili but this is a very normal way to serve it in the midwest

    • AL Ventura

      Cincy chili UGH! BARF!

      • caniscream

        i know this is vulgar and 61 weeks late, but rot in hell.

    • Alex

      SERIOUSLY I LOVE THAT SHIT! As a Cincinatian, I DEMAND you remove that from this list >:'[

    • Goose

      I love skyline chili. I worked there for 3 years and still get it for free to this day 😀

    • Matador

      so good, was very surprised to see it here

  • zym

    Fuck you. #10 rules.

  • Ned Shidoinks

    Skyline Chili is nectar of the Gods…..along with Montgomery Inn Ribs and Graeter's Ice Cream

  • Will

    #13 taste great!

  • Minneapolitan

    #10 is unbelievable. True, I think it is better when that chili and cheese is on top of a hot dog but the spaghetti is still good. Besides, I figured the chive would love it if for no other reason than because of the name. Three-way.

  • sirrix

    This was taken directly from Buzzfeed – please attribute credit, Chive. You're better than that, though you have an incessant number of ads.

  • Brian

    I'd punch a sleeping baby in the face for some #10

    • Gern Blanston

      i LOL'd

  • raj201

    #10 shouldn't even be on the list. Skyline = immense happiness

  • The Stig

    Toad in the Hole and Spotted Dick are classic British Dishes. Toad in the hole is simply a sausage in a Yorkshire pudding and Spotted dick (yes, I've always laughed at the name) is a steamed suet pudding with dried fruit in it.

  • jjooe

    #1 toad in the hole is the dog's bollocks

  • Lefty

    #10 for the win… skyline rules.

  • Erich Backhus

    My daughter loves the pancake and sausage on a stick,

  • AL Ventura

    #10 BARFFFFFF!!!!!! Thats not chili!!!!

    • caniscrea,

      go fuck yourself. thats chili before the retard southerners got poor and threw everything they could in water and boiled it.

  • Pants

    #6 is actually fanfreakintastic

  • BloodScrubber

    I'm glad to finally have an idea of what it is! Dam "Are you being Served" reruns on PBS….argh!

    • LanceFabulous

      Toad in the hole is just a big plate of win. Nom.

  • Joest

    #14 comes from France.

    It's from a supermarket called "Picard Surgeles", that only sales frozen food. They got a couple of weird stuff.

    • Numa

      Ils sont parfait ces sushis ! Vive Picard (et son pain surprise) et vive la France !

  • annoyingshampoo

    Cannot believe this is the first time i have seen faggots and spotted dick on teh internets … i have just been waiting for this

  • Graykenworth

    #10 Skyline
    Used to be open til 4am, long after the bars were closed. It's the best ever!

  • Illmatic

    #10 Seriously guys?
    I love the chive and all, but this is dead wrong. I would cut my genitals off for this.

  • msam

    Всем полуфабрикаты, посоны

  • @3lementalmagick


  • Josh

    uh…..Cincinnati chili is undeniably awesome. Even this frozen version is good in a crunch.

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