House of 25,000 ping pong balls. WTF not? (4 Photos)

This house, lived in and conceived by Daniel Arsham, is 90 square feet of walls full of ping pong balls. Why you ask? The visual effect was that the walls looked “pixelated.” What ever blows your hair back I guess.

And yes I meant “WTF”…..make it work.…….work.

  • Kringle

    i shall not say the f word.

  • Anakrusix

    Is the house built out of ping pong balls or are they just glued to the wall?

  • Charlie Makarov

    what part of sudden death didnt you understand?

  • DanielB

    This looks like it was fun to make…. NOT!

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  • tommybhoy

    Forrest Gump's dream house?

  • jetrome

    Couldn't you get the same effect with small hex tiles? Or wallpaper? *shrug*

  • Paula

    after a few bumps.. dents all over


  • mike

    Hell yea I owned that house in a heart beat

  • Joe

    And there were only 19 dixie cups…

  • Zomfg

    This shit will burn the house to the ground within a minute

  • Vince

    Would it be too weird to spank your girlfriend in the bedroom with a ping-pong paddle?

    • kevguy

      is your girlfriend #5?

      • Vince

        Haha good one, but no- actually I was talking about spanking YOUR girlfriend if you read closer. Are you weird with it, 'cuz your girlfriend says she'd like me to…

        • Naz1962

          Easy win for Vince!

  • mipo2010

    Balls Of Fury part 2 will be filmed here

  • Ryan

    Light a match anyone? I'm sure it will be fun to watch

  • BloodScrubber

    Instead of up a creek…Youre In da house, without a paddle. Hmm.

  • Naz1962

    My first thought is I wonder what the effect is on room accoustics … hmm.

  • Logic76

    WTF, an 8-bit house with no Mario on the wall?

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