It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (26 Photos)

For more, check out the great Very Demotivational.

  • kessel81

    I want to go fishing with #21

  • dingleberry

    #3 this girl is not fat!

    • Sugar

      Thank you. On this site if the girl is not stick thin than she is fat. It drives me nuts.

    • Sizzle

      Yeah I WTF'd at this for a long time. And I'm a guy!

  • curious

    I have to ask, who's ripping who off:

    • Jon

      Pretty sure The Chive is ripping off Very Demotivational. I've seen a lot of these a while ago.

  • TCB12


    What can brown do for me?!?!


    #21 I hope no bear comes around right now – he may get the odors confused and not know which one to eat!



  • Beastie Boy

    I know; I'd toss that pigs' salad.

  • Frank The Tank

    I got some berries and cream for those nice blow-job lips of yours……..

    • wintercoat


  • CalculatedRisk

    I had exactly that thought earlier today… Seen myself some goddamn gorgeous older women this weekend!

  • Anonymous

    Number 8 who!!!!???? Who?????

  • mikey


  • FapperX

    G-Damn right about needin' some MILFs. I got a friend who's a MILF with lower back problems (literally) that I'd luv to submit! C'mon CHIVE . . . GIVE US OUR MILF Mondays!!!

  • Diana Santos

    #19 noooooooooo! let me search better ahah ^_^

  • sig55

    Best.. DAR. Ever. That is all.

  • sig55

    Edit: Monday Motivational Photos. Had a small seizure thinking about the UPS chick

  • WOW


  • pokeman134

    THE masks, they do nothing!

  • northerner

    #21, Oh that is such a lovely and tight fanny. Wow. She's gorgeous. And, Oh to be right next to her to….help her reel it in….as it were…

  • Catence

    #26 – you have no idea. So much better to lay down.

  • IamwhoIam

    this is isnt a full gallery of sexiness chive, check the page header.

  • @turbogeek421

    #26 Kelly Brook FTW!

  • Bud Ugly

    #21 is hot in more than a few ways.

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  • Nick

    lol.. is that a young chuck norris punching god in the face?!?!

  • Kauth

    Too bad she doesn't have a soul 😦

  • ProvenZero

    #4, aint nothin' wrong wit dat

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