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Stuck in an office? You should get away (30 HQ Photos)


    What is this like post number 10 already today? Chive is on a roll.

  • Matt

    Wish there was an explanation as to where these places are.

    • Kjell King

      I agree

    • jeff

      #1 is in Yosemite Valley

    • walkingdeadonline

      #22 Machu Picchu, Peru

      • Joe pancake

        No, thats in southern columbia, lesser known, but really cool

        • Libertariandude

          Actually, it IS Machu Picchu, Peru

  • khend

    #25 Anchorage AK!

    • Northman

      Shouldn't you be studying?

      • khend


  • alexae

    where is #25?

    • inuit

      anchorage, ak…

  • aosux

    #5 This would be my layer if I were a super villain.

    • aosux

      Yeah, I know I suck at spelling today.

    • Ivo Tomic

      castle Trakoscan in Croatia. I visited it. It is fully restaurated and open for visiting. Original furniture, tapestries, weapons… and view from tower is fantastic…

  • Uberbrie

    #29 shop fail

  • gyro

    #1 Thats the church in Yosemite Park.

  • Imperfect Hope

    Please, please tell me where #5 is located!

  • BloodScrubber

    Awesome shots! Thanks Chive!

  • Kuba Wrobel

    Yes please! Vacation does sound good especially with the news of this epic snow storm that is to hit the Midwest soon.

  • brad

    #20 Barron Falls

  • Bree1912

    I could spend alot of my time at #3!

  • Mystery

    I think #16 is somewhere in Japan, those look like Japanese maples. #21 is rocking my world right now.

  • Rob

    Chive you need to tell us where these places are because I got some vaca time im lookin to burn

  • Steve Shaw

    Thumbs for the Chive putting the location of these pics above them.

  • Hungry NomNom

    siiiiigh thank goodness for that post- you da best Chiver Bob!!

  • Peter Rios

    Would love the names of the locations just in case Im near by…mostly no. 😦

  • hissy242000

    these places r gorguoes i'd go everyplace

  • billy the kid

    No good if you dont know where it is! Need to know where they are, so we can dream of going there one day.

  • StopwatchTheDog

    Today was my first day post-college at a corporate job….I've been a chiver for years, and i FINALLY appreciate the 'it's monday, you need to get away' post.


  • nannyfranny

    #16 is shopped… too bad

  • big meech

    is #22 macchu picchu?

  • Photog

    Where's the photo credit? This looks like a clear violation of copyright to me.

  • @wbeem

    Is your whole site dedicated to stealing other people's photos?

  • Cass

    #1 #14 #16 would be my top picks if I have enough resources to get away from the office and have the time of my life. 🙂

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