• Aaron Blumberg

    bunch of hating honkeys

  • Chive Fail

    wow, I cant believe all the haters on here. So it's fine an 11 year old to play video game and waste his life on the computer, but god forbid a kid gets into hip hop and-OMFG starts learning to dance. WTF is this fucking footloose? What sucks even more from reading the comments is that if these kids were fucking line dancing everything would be Kosher. Fuck the mid-west and fuck all the people who fucked the Chive, I guess thats what happens when shit gets popular.

  • Wiscompton608

    The reason hip hop artists grab their crotch itches or because it itches or because its cool. It symbolizes fear, imagine being a naked man in front of an audience you would put your hand over your crotch.

    It is done to put one at ease being in front of an audience. Allowing one to collect one's self and thoughts through an action.

    Americans are so quick to judge others but unwilling or are too lazy to even dive into any substance as long as they can criticize and not have to be responsible for their words.

    Their kids, doing something productive with their time. I doubt your approval validates how they feel about their selves.

    Hate all you want, but I've been smiling as I watch the lower middle class destroy itself through thoughtless consumerism and laziness.

  • jeff

    those kids deserve props and a lot of it for that. there that young and extremely good at that style of dance, uhh yea…so maybe a little less hate towards them and stop treating them like your judges for americas best dance crew

  • Ben

    WOW look at all the negative losers posting on here..

  • chong

    i dont get how this video is bad? this kids have a talent. i guess some people cant accept a different culture other than theirs. i was totally diggin this. i wish i had those sick moves!

    • Average White

      Nope, sorry; It's not a gratuitous orgy of sound or a performance that can be likened to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, or The Beatles, so therefor it sucks. By the way, my taste in music is very diverse and inclusive, just so long as whatever it is conforms exactly to what several other people have decided sounds good.

      • Uirit8me

        so what youre sayin is that you have to have other people agree on what sounds good before you like it, or call it music. You may try thinking for yourself, or talking to someone other than 40+ year olds, just sayin.

        • Tick

          oh come on Uirit8me, he's obviously being sarca- you know what? nevermind(i'm sick of pointing this crap out).

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  • Pedo-Man

    This is the hottest thing to happen since young boys sagging their pants came into style.

  • crow

    Like little bosses

  • BMJackson55

    that's some dope shit, but I say this vid like a week ago. http://www.immitter.tumblr.com

  • Alli

    First of all this isn't Krumping. This is popping and locking. Yeah they're talented for 8 year olds. But Krumping is choreographed like that. Watch the movie RIZE and you'll understand.

  • thatwasntthequestion

    Not sure about all the negative comments. If it's soooo easy, let's see some of you post videos.

    The whole thing was pretty bad ass. If you've ever seen krumping, you'd know what they are doing takes an insane amount of body control, balance and manual dexterity…things you don't normally see in an 8(?) year old. I'm assuming they're 8; they could be older. Still impressive.

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  • Anonymous

    awesome !!! are they Filipinos?

  • Ichibankakoi

    That was SICK. I'm a b-boy and my kids are going to grow up learning how to breakdance and pop.

  • Suleiman taatumaker

    This kid is gud men he is gud

  • Guest

    WOW there amazing poppers, oh snap wait, no they are krumpin, sorry my mistake they just bite pop moves when they run out of chest pops arm throws and bucks. Sorry no i see why I was confused. Don't take a style and bite it full of holes and call it something else FFS. AS for the kids, nice skills!

  • Hater of Stickers

    Take the sticker off your hat idiot.

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