• BeccaB86

    You should have a Chivette of the week every week.

    • Poot

      First useful thing this uggo has ever said.

      • Toop

        Yeah, she is a 'butter'(and by that I mean, she'd be hot if she wasn't herself).

      • BeccaB86

        I would tell you to go fuck yourself, but it looks like I'm too late.

        • Toop

          Wow, did you need your thinking bag to come up with that one?

          • Chili

            This fron the same bag that came up with the gem 'butter, meaning she'd be hot if she wasn't herself'. And by "bag" I mean douche.

            • The Real D. Nozzle

              shut the fuck up Chili. yeah, Toop's a douche, but you just suck because you're one of those snide pricks that thinks they're clever cause they take someone's sentence structure and turn it back on them. soooooo clever

            • Toop

              Hahahahahhahahah, that's a new one; you satirized my original sentence. You must be a regular Groucho Marx on the playground. "Douchebag". Well that just tears it. I'm afraid I'll have to have the Kleenex on hand in case you do a mom-joke.

  • Tim

    Seriously, I am amazed at the vitriol over this post. All this for a hot girl who is willing to take suggestive pictures for your enjoyment. Impressive.

    I, among several others (I am sure), am looking forward to it and will be here checking it out. Just like all you haters.

  • Cody

    Does she learn how to clean off her mirror tomorrow?

    Bitch needs to stop taking pictures, and start doing housework me thinks.

    Plus she needs to lose the oversized mens glasses frames.

  • Pedo-Man


  • TCB12

    So far Im not impressed, but Ill keep an open mind.

    See ya tomorrow, Kaylie.

  • Shawn35

    just to point out as a helper, i think its kaylie according to her photo chive, dont want to mispell her name and have her take the photos back now hahahahahaha

    • Poot


    • Cindy

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that's the funniest thing i've ever seen Shawn! besides the size of your cock of course..

      • Shawn35

        I see, not sure where that comes from, but thanks anyways, always nice to get a strangers perspective

  • Dirty Dingus

    To all the Pedo-police…why are you on this site?

    Like most of the world, The Chive give extra appreciation to women who look to be in the early stages of their womanhood. That includes hot 25 year olds…and even hot 45 year olds…but it also includes some girls who look like women before their 18th birthday. As there is no real nudity or sexual acts show here…I don't see the point in asking 'is she legal'.
    If she is, were you going to find her and have sex with her…but the only thing stopping you was her birthday? Come on….

    In other words…if you don't like it…GTFO.

    • Pedo-Man

      "If she is, were you going to find her and have sex with her…but the only thing stopping you was her birthday?"

      Yeah, pretty much. A day later than 18, and I'm turnin' this car around…..

    • Pedo-Man

      *Sorry meant "a day later than 16". Read 18 and threw up in my mouth a little.*

  • top dog

    #1, Big glasses, now thats a throw back to the seventies, but they look good on her.

    • bottom dollar

      no they don't. assuming she even needs to wear glasses, that's like her wearing a caste when she only needs a band-aide.

      • kay marie

        They are fake

    • Dirty Dingus

      It's a great look for her because it helps balance her large(ish) nose.

      • bottom dollar

        well in that case, i agree. much needed poor mans' nose augmentation FTW!

  • Doldobot5000

    Pass… even without the stupid glasses.

    Nothing to see here, move along.

  • EZEE

    The panty shot looks Tangy… 😀

  • Jessica Condrey

    "8 year olds Dude…8 year Olds"

    -Walter Sobchak
    The Big Lebowski

    • Quam

      "quoting the dude and big lebowski". i swear that book "Stuff White People Like" should be read as a practicle applications manual.

      • Average Chiver


  • Shiner

    I'm heading to Target tonight to buy a new bottle of lotion

  • Ryan

    Take off those stupid fucking glasses.

    • T Hip 1

      You're just too fin to appreciate how deck her bitchin' frames are.

  • kay marie

    just so everyone knows my glasses are fake as in i took it as a joke

  • Fondle

    anyone want to bet money she actually doesn't need to wear glasses?

  • xxatticus

    its sort of sad that this is how people get attention these days. fuck it, i'll be here tomorrow.

  • SkiDaPark

    If Emilie or whatever her name was (the 14ish year old Norwegian) was wearing suggesting outfits I'd be a bit creeped out by her age, but it was done in a classy way, and I'm sure the Chive has plenty of pre-teen and teenage boys who can enjoy her photos.
    Props to the Chive and Chivettes for showing real girls/women and not just a bunch implant bimbos (not that I don't enjoy the implant bimbos too so keep showing them as well)

  • Patrick

    Nice! One of my favorite sexy chivettes. Bring it on

  • dangerblond

    yes yes we know you are special now please lose the pretentious glasses

  • Tomatso

    getting pretty freaking sick of those glasses…

  • Taylor Swift

    She looks like one of my turds.

  • DaHoneyBadger

    If there's hair on the muff, she's old enough.

  • billy

    Pity about her nose.

  • Adam S.

    It's nice how the Chive deletes critical comments.

  • MrCjv

    Come on? Really? Smart sexy? Please..The chick looks 12. Get it straight Chive.

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