A Midwestern Chivette. Meet Kalie (25 Photos)

Kalie has been one of our most loyal Chivettes over the past couple years. I've talked to her a few times and I don't know if I've met a sweeter girl. She's also one of our best submitters. Many of the photos you've seen in the DAR were supplied to me by Kalie. Nothing beats a sweetheart with a warped sense of humor in my opinion. I'll let Kalie take it from here...

Hey fellow chivers 🙂 Im Kalie and i (obviously) love the Chive. I'm 20 years-old and from a tiny town called Willard Ohio. I'm a student at Ohio State majoring in Forensic Psychology and I'm very passionate about what i study. I love photography and I spend a lot of my free time taking photos. I also love chocolate, baking, and pastries. If I'm honest, I'm very good at baking them (sammich requests welcome).

John asked me what my favorite film was. Fight Club. Hands down.
I'm kind of a nerd and love playing Left for Dead (not Dead Space. Those ads were too annoying, Chive). At the end of the day I love a good Mario Kart.

What else? The Ohio winters blow. I very much like my glasses, it's part of who I am I guess. Emo kids suck. Oh, and I have an amazing family.

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  • tre-neuf

    amazing amazing amazing!!!!!! Love that ass

  • neXx

    – damn shes gorgeous.

  • jerky

    Hubba Hubba!

  • Jason

    #23 is amzing!!!! as a matter a fact, Kalie is amazing. Sexiest Chiver ever!!!

  • downfall616

    freaking DOLL!

  • u r so sexxxxy and so hottest girl i wanna girl frnd like u dear sweetheart.................


  • u r so sexxxxy and so hottest girl i wanna girl frnd like u dear sweetheart.................

    Raj from bangladesh

  • http://twitter.com/WalkerBro7227 @WalkerBro7227

    U love photography and ur a bit of a nerd is there a more perfect Chivette if you ever need someone to take photos for you u can always contact me.

  • Anonymous

    fuck my ass shes hot

  • doubletrouble29

    your so amazing

  • Ifa

    I love you and i’m interested in you.

  • mario87

    how come dashing girls like that have to live far away from where i live….oh well she is one of the kind….love that smile

  • chetan verma

    Hi..Friends.you are now fri

  • Always Last

    Last!!! Also, another Chivette that ran away.

  • MUPS

    If ohio state came up to me and showed me Kalie's bio and just showed me the PG-13 type photos i would not be going to Mercyhurst University……. wow. She is the type of girl this world needs!
    #10, #15 #16 beautifully gorgeous eyes.

  • Rick

    #23. Speechless.

  • axton

    y'all are pervs she tells you a little about herself and all most of you can comment on is her ass???????? come on guys get a life. she from what she said and the pics she posted shes a down to earth girl, likes to have fun, loves her friends, hates emos, loves her glasses, and is not afraid to show her body off. that dont mean that her ass is the first or onlything you should compliment her on. come on you guys are the ones that make the rest of us look like a pos.

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