An ice hotel in Japan. What will they think of next? (16 Photos)

This Alpha Resort ‘Ice Hotel’ in Japan goes for about $900 a night. So…hope you really love to freeze your ass off.

  • @Gamle_Eirik

    A hottub made of ice? Nice….

    • Steeb

      if you didnt notice, there's an actual tub within the ice 😛

      if anyone wants, i'm only charging $500 a night to sleep in my backyard! tons of snow and ice for everyone!

      • @Gamle_Eirik

        I noticed, but not until the comment was posted. I was distracted by the almost naked girls in what seemed to be a bucket of ice.

        • rdh014

          For $900/night, the almost naked girls better be a shit-load hotter than this tripe.

      • SinisteRtheWickeD

        HA! That goes for my Backyard too! Lets start a franchise!

  • CC101

    Who the hell would pay $900 a night to stay there? What will they think of next? Somethin along the lines of a tub full of lava and volcanoes here & there, with a bed of hot coals to sleep on. Sounds bout right.

  • Shane

    There is an ice hotel in Quebec, Canada. Been there every year for ages.

    • Shiner

      There's one in Sweden too that I know of… there's probably a few around the world. Japan was not the first

  • effemel

    I can just go to work and get paid to do that, not as lavishly of course, but then again Central PA is far from being as unique Japan

  • Paula

    slippery when wet


    • molly

      who the hell are you

    • no kisses

      Paula… maybe you should stop commenting… please.

  • MigraineBoy

    'Cool' hotel, but don't go there on your honeymoon. The wife might turn frigid and give you the cold shoulder.

  • Aidsman!

    There's a icehotel in Jukkasjärvi in northern sweden that began in 1989 (around ten years older than the one in canada). That is all.

    • Bobbo

      case closed.

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  • Virulent87

    Some there need a SLAP

  • Sheng

    Looks cool.

  • Trent

    For $900 a night #12 is a steal!

  • Diana Santos

    I hope that any guest dies of hypothermia ^_^

    • MiPod

      How incredibly morbid of you to wish that upon people, just because they stay at a place you can't afford.

      • Diana Santos

        i was't wishig that…:S i was wishing exactly the oposite :S

  • Joel

    well, here in sweden we have had an ice hotel for a really long time!

    • that guy

      same in Canada plus the tempt isn't even cold

  • fappy mcfappington

    number #6 and# 9 turn me on for some reason

  • Brand_n

    Hmm, perhaps next will be tentacle rape cartoons, feces-themed restaurants, and the worshiping of giant robots? Oh wait, nevermind.

  • Bakermum

    Ice hotels are nothing new, Quebec Canada has had one for ages 🙂
    However I do wonder how the Japan Hotel washes the Ice plates *lol*

  • Shogun

    i like how they promote girl on girl in all of these photos

  • Peter

    The Japanese are just copycats. The first ice hotel was built in Jukkasjärvi in northern Sweden in 1990.

  • Paula

    Lol, normally: 'Would you like an ice cube in your drink?' and here it is 'Would you like a drink in your ice cube?' #6 #7

    • Anonymous

      LOL!!!! YOU'RE SOOOO FUNNY!!1!

      You should really shut the hell up…

  • DaHoneyBadger

    **women not included**

  • TOm

    I think Sweden was the first to make one, but this is still pretty nice

  • skylarrr

    I want MOAR of those girls, plzzz!!

  • Catence

    I'm good. If I wanted this I would just walk outside. Gotta love that MN weather!

  • oven

    If only all this effort was put into i don't know say ending world hunger, or striving for world peace; i don't see how a fucking ice hotel fits in the grand scheme of things.

  • kornerr

    Yep Sweden was first in making an ice hotel, though the most known one is right here in Quebec. But that's probably only because we love advertising more in america 😛

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