Daily Afternoon Randomness (46 Photos)

  • Whitnasty

    Ah love me some Chive.

  • KiKo

    #15 anyone knows the link to the video?

  • http://www.nobleworkscards.com adam

    hey chive and chivers! #17 is a cartoon by dan collins. gotta give props where mad props are due. you can buy the card that the cartoon comes from at http://www.nobleworkscards.com/7817-egg-in-the-pi

    i gave the card to my girlfriend on our first date. she didn't get. she showed it to her girlfriends and they got it. now she gets it.

  • J R

    #30 is hot , scarey, stupid, freaky

  • NOUU

    #44 lololoolooolllllL!!!!!111!!!!

  • Don't even

    How many times do we have to see #38? enough is enough!
    Far too many reposts these days.

  • David Rookie Railey

    My retort to #32

  • GreyGhost9

    #30 MOAR she is hot

  • sammie

    #18 who is that, gorgeous

  • Rev Dan

    #30…..MOAR PLEASE!!!!


    #43 is shopped fo sho… There's no way she doesn't have a pair of pearly white wings down that back of hers.


      Bollocks 😡 I was so in awe I forgot to request moar of that! and in HD while you're at it. Anything less would be a blasphemy.

  • Josh

    Moar of #30

  • Joo Balls

    #30 I would marry her

  • willkm75

    FUCKING SEXY!! Thats all

  • willkm75

    sorry I was so excited and playing with myself that i forgot, what I meant was

    #46 FUCKING SEXY!!! Thats all


    #30 mmmm beautiful!

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