Eastern European Facebook chicks, where sexy meets WTF (54 Photos)

  • hockey dude 11

    I hate the a-holes that say first. not going to say it.

    • Adam S.


    • Piggy

      Most of these girls can be found dancing on a web cam near you!

    • levitating

      #10 Katy perry and Ke(dollar sign) ha

  • Maverick

    I cant fap to this!

    • Iceman

      #4,#11,#45…fap away Mav, Iceman over and out-

    • meh

      why, were you expecting dudes or something?

    • SweetAwesomeness

      your just not trying hard enough

    • MAP

      well then, i got some bad news for you…..

  • Thax

    No 9 is the best for me!!! Eastern Gils as mad as a box of Badgers!!!

    • Wilber


    • yup

      I would demand MOAR! from half of these, the rest are somewhat meh.

  • mdc5150

    #22 inches from heavan.

    • Daeway

      You can't possibly find that attractive. Seeing the hip bones like that is no where sexy. I call that (sarcasm) anorexic delight.

      • abipolarguy

        well you are wrong. sorry, that's all there is too it. wrong.

    • Billy the Accountant

      i wish the pic was taken with a high powered flash. get a lil muff action

    • Jake

      Or chlamydia

    • kikiklas

      I tilted my head to try to see more :$

    • Gabriela Robyn Miranda

      and also, she needs to wax apparently…

  • matt

    Hover hand on self??

    • Milton

      the self hover hand. When you have way too much self respect.

    • Cory

      but the face of an angel

    • Roscoe

      That girl is stunning.

  • Perin

    Find #7 hopefully a tush

  • dude

    its just to easy wich are the mail orders 🙂

  • fapmaster

    spank worthy

  • cwfromsd1

    I think that #5, #20, #39 & #47 could be the same creature

    • This Guy

      #5 looks like helga pataki to me

    • Geshko

      I think you meant #15.
      I know, because, while not particularly attractive, #5 doesn't have a penis. =P

    • Bleeding_Gums_Murphy

      Im pretty sure #20 has a cock

      • pat

        it's a trap

    • kzifinater

      yep creepy good eye was thinking the same thing..
      otherwise these are the only wtf pictures..not sure why chive doesnt like the rest?

  • Flicka

    You can give em good education, and multiple language skills: still hos.

    • Mateo

      And your "argument" is based on… What exactly?

    • Stef

      jealous because you don't have their body or what? eastern europeans are not hoes….not as much as nord americans anyways

  • http://www.gleechat.net glee

    there good. im digging their euro style. hot is hot, around the world.

  • XOS


    • Freddy Stylez

      Oh GOD YES. Those legs..

      • XOS

        and ass..

    • carlo

      find her!!!

  • Mitico

    Omfg, i'd really wish to know which part of Eastern Europe are these girls from?? Just to know what places should i skip on my trips..
    I can vouch that there's not a single girl from Lithuania in here.

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      Right, cause lithuanian girls are all class. Come now, eastern europe is wonderful, but the girls are pretty much like this all over.

    • rdh014

      Agreed…gotta be hard up to get plastic surgery from a Soviet bloc plastic surgeon…

    • atlanty

      you can find this type of girls all around the world, it´s not only eastern europe thing

  • Adam

    Find #9….I want to make her a US citizen…lol

    • Billy the Accountant

      I want to get her a 2 week visa.

      • Htownpunk

        I want to make her the mother of a fatherless child.

  • seanscott

    chive, enough with the mail order brides!! this is becoming a soft porn site…

    • perry

      This is what the site has always been about, jackass. not to mention these are not mail order brides. You never know what you're gonna get when you come here. then there's something called the Daily Afternoon Randomness, which the New York (fucking) Times recently called 'online crack'

      But sure, this site is getting stale.

    • Lisa_Martin

      SeanScott…is your first name Andrew? (Those who've been here a while will remember Andrew and his issues with John's Mail Order Bride addiction/affliction.) 🙂 If you're Andrew Sean Scott, your initials match your attitude. 🙂

      As for these women…some are SMOKIN' hot. See #2, #3, #7, #52 #34 #27 #24 & #22 Others…good gravy boats…I'm glad they're over there. #19 may be a man…

  • seanscott

    and don't get me wrong, i love looking a hot chicks. but there are a million other websites doing this. you guys used to be more creative.

    • Jim

      you should be more creative and make your own website…..leave the chive alone.

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      I agree with twofirstnames completely. A bit of TnA is good, but the best is the random, ricockulous pictures that come through. There was very little WTF in this post.

  • Bree1912

    #15 has some serious duckface!

    • humpday

      what do you expect… she has the BMW Logo on her nails…

      • rdh014

        It's not a duckface when the implants go in…more like a pipe cleaner f***face.

  • waah

    With the exception of #20, the rest are quite doable….of course I might do some jail time with a couple of them though. 😉

  • Captain Obvious

    #4 I would split you like a bagel and raw dog it til the tip bled.

    • cory


    • Ravienne_Cullen

      That's scary, dude

    • JAFitC

      . . . and you're so classy that I have no doubt she'd be interested.

    • fng

      Well I was going to try and make a great quote or comment about this fine ladie. But I see that This dumbass screwed that all to hell.

  • Dan


  • fact checker

    #24 and #34 are actually the 2010 college humor winner of the hottest college girl competition. http://www.collegehumor.com/hottestgirl/2010

    • ????

      after looking at the pictures on college humor and reading her profile, if she does not end up in porn i would be shocked.

      • Boo

        The Chive completely wings this shit. Don't they have any interns to at least remotely check these?

        • Suzy big ones

          Who cares???

    • bubba_earl

      Yeah, and I don't think she's Eastern European…

    • PWNT

      Yeah I recognized her as well. Who could forget?? Disappointing Chive…. I'm used to a level of excellence.

    • Vzla-FTW

      Huge fail chive, huge fail!!!!

  • livewire

    Chive Fail with #34 – she's american

    • Hi-Yah!

      Yeah they always fail with these posts.

  • GarlicInYourEye

    #42 Happy Early Hump Day! Damn!

  • toba

    #29 jesus you perv, just hanging around girls bedrooms

  • aosux

    #49 Those are some fuck me eyes if I have ever seen some. Or she could just be pissed off, some European chicks are hard to read. Alyonka, I'm looking in your direction.

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