Fit girls. Hot or not? (26 Photos)

  • Marcis

    #2 #16 i love you!

  • chivette3

    yes! yes! and yes! all hot!

  • john

    #23 is photo shopped.
    look up Nicky Whelan and you will see how bad that picture has been touched up

  • john

    #23 is photoshopped.
    look up Nicky Whelan and you will see how bad its been touched up

  • Perry

    Marzia Prince…wow

  • patron

    #25 = PENIS in yo face

  • deadindenver05

    #2, #19, and #23… wow!

  • rikooprate

    #2 & #13 Tip top

  • Barron

    fit chicks FTW!! but muscle definition is a no… nothin sexier than a chick with rock hard abs under 1/4 to 1/2" of fat so it's just smooth and a lil soft to the touch unless ya push on it

  • jsjj

    id do them all but: 12, 18, and 21. just my opinion

  • wayne

    I would nail all of them

    • Franklin1138

      Really? Because I'd bet next year's salary that half of them are dudes. The only one that I'm positive is a woman is #19. The rest are all questionable at best.

  • Маруся

    guys I'm begging you!!!!! who is № 19??? name оr anything?????????????

  • Double B

    #2, #11, #23- do you really need to ask!

  • Jeep Rugger

    All of it PERFECT…SO incredible …..god i love fit women ……YES!!

  • thejoegrosso


    FAKE!! C'mon this picture was altered big time to make her look WAY more cut than she is… you can see the REAL picture of her here..look at the difference..this is one of the sexiest girls on the planet and this picture makes her look too manly

  • mike

    if you look close. #23 was shopped

  • Anonymous

    2# 3# 16# & 19#

  • CTF23

    #3 is Marzia Prince… her Gaspari Nutrition Photo

  • Always Last


  • realist

    Some are somewhat hot, some just plain manly.

    And by "fit girls" what I have in mind is not "girls approaching a bodybuilder's physique", but just healthy, with a musculature that's not weak, but not manly-strong either, AND with the normal range of body fat for a woman, rather than this zero-fat/skin shrink wrapped over muscles look.

  • Jawbone

    #23 Jesus Christ, why ruin the original lithe figure with such horrible photoshop?!? The stomach and breast on the actual photo are nowhere near that fucked up.

  • Telephone Man

    Hot. Some more so than others, but yes, hot.

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