This cab driver…this is the cab driver (Video)

Getting in this guy’s cab is like winning a small lottery. The Brazilian cab driver is named Jean Walker. And maybe it’s because I’m a child of the 80s, but I think he is awesome.

  • WhatWillBee

    Thats all well and good but how is he at fiddling little kids? innocently of course…….

  • om nom nom nom

    ok really enough with the stupid ads because of this shit I will never play Dead Space

  • Gus

    uhkay.. uhkay.. uhkay.. so, Michael Jackson did have plastic surgery in the late 80's, but then he ran off to escape the celebrity life by becoming a cab drive in East Wherethefuckastan while his sister Latoya saw an opportunity to have a real singing career by pretending to be Michael???….. I can see it.

  • jake

    Damn adds keep jacking up my mobile. Once (read “if”) it gets to the actual video all is good… but I usually don’t make it. I’m so bored at work- please fix

  • Mike

    DEAD SPACE 2 arrrrrgggghhhhhh! :@

  • eclipze

    Paula .. i love you because i see your comments everywhere. LOL ..

    a round of applause for Paula .. !! xD

  • Joao Ricardo

    I wonder how people know that he's a cab driver and that that's his name. I mean, i'm brazillian and they don't say anything about that on the video. Still cool though!

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