Would You? (22 Photos)

Yes, this was briefly published on Page 2 of theCHIVE last night. Don’t ask (Jack Daniel’s)

  • MiddleLane

    Maybe, how much did they get paid?

  • Richard

    no freaking way. imagine waking up just to find out you're falling to your death? actually, i could never sleep there.

  • David

    There were three in a bed and the little one said 'roll over roll over' and they all rolled over…AND PLUMMETED TO THEIR FREAKIN DEATHS!

  • Rick

    No I am not that stupid

  • Da Sandman

    in belgium we have a saying: being crazy, doesn't hurt… guess it's true, cuz these guys wont even know it when they're about to become a stain…

  • http://blog.alexjustesen.com alex.justesen

    amazing view… but also crazy mutfkaz

  • Lisa_Martin

    Oh HELL YES!!! And can you even imagine how awesome it would be to have sex up there? Maybe not on the little platform bed things…but up at the top?!?!? Ahhhhhhhhhhmazing!!!! Wow.

  • Cza

    I've mountain climbed for 12 years now started with my father at the age of 12 and I've slept like that two times in my entire life. There ain't many walls so high that you actually have to spend the night and rest hanging like that which is good cause it's terrible. I was scared sh*tless both times, and I've talked with climbers who have done that +10 times and they say it doesn't get any less scarier. Good thing is, I have a picture on my phone taken by my dad where I'm sitting like in the picture 9, and it has gotten me laid more times than I can count. Greetings from Finland

  • Cfishe

    yes. but in a tent, not on a cot-thing.

  • SlipperySeal

    In a heart beat if I had the necessary skills/time/money…

  • andysniper

    i get the feeling having one of those falling dreams would take on a whole different meaning up there.

  • Dean

    Yeah….but can you bone in it?

  • Evelyn Ponce Quintero

    how does that even work???

  • Anonymous


  • CrazyDave

    It looks like these people like *puts on sunglasses* living on the edge.

  • Alex

    I've actually wanted to do this my whole life! So I would have to say definitely YES.

  • Deepstopdiver

    Its called a Bivy ledge, If you can not complete a specific route in a day, you are forced to sleep somewhere! and HELLZ YA!

  • Kimmeh

    What if… You rolled over and fucking fell to your death while you were sleeping!? >.< Puts a new perspective on that falling dream..

  • Laurie

    I have to get up and pee once or twice a night – HTF would I do that? (PS – I'm a girl). Oh, I know, I would have just pissed myself looking over the edge of my "bed", problem solved!

  • nomyia

    Aparently a lot of people!

  • LOCtla


  • Openurmind

    I so would

  • ATouchofInsanity

    #12 – Pump up the jamz! Pump it up while an avalanche is coming!

  • http://www.bajaexcursions.com Denny

    We do !!! In Baja

  • Anonymous

    Would I? Would I ever!!
    In 1988, I went to Nicaragua and, because there was a screw-up with the people who were suppose to me me and my bro’, we ended up spending our first night in Managua, Nicaragua, sleeping in hammocks tied to a chain link fence (and guarded by some Sandinista troops)! I’ve always wanted to hang one off a cliff!

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