Would You? (22 Photos)

Yes, this was briefly published on Page 2 of theCHIVE last night. Don’t ask (Jack Daniel’s)

  • nepster

    White people CRAZY. Asian people CRAZY AND bad drivers.

  • fibonacci5150

    I would on one of the practice walls at dick sporting goods

  • elbruces

    Goddamn white people.

  • GimmeaHighChive

    Add in a hanging porta potty, oh and a woman and I'm there

  • http://www.facebook.com/HippiChic863 Angela Herrington

    F that!!!!

  • zac

    i'm not reading through all these comments, so sorry if someone has beat me to this:
    1. ideally you can't roll off, you're wearing a harness and secured to the same anchor holding your portaledge up.
    2. the helmet is not for hitting the ground in a fall retards. If you fall your rope will catch you but you can still hit your head on the wall in a fall, so the helmet makes things safer. Also if rocks fall from higher up on the wall you want to protect your dome.
    3. http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Poop-Tube

  • northerner

    Hell no, I wouldn't! I don't have a death wish.

  • MAc

    how did they get that matress up there??

  • zoomum3

    Yes. Yes I would do that!!!

  • Yaman

    Dirty stinky hippies!

  • supanuts

    Fuckin campers i bet they all play COD….

  • Jorge

    is #12 setting a line of coke ?hahaha i think he is

  • Ernest

    Damn straight I'd do that! What a view….

  • MrCjv

    YEA! Im gonna go some place where i can show amazing to brush my teeth!!!! Come on bitches!! Where the coffee?!?!!!

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  • jake

    I'm gunna have to go with fuck that

  • vince

    I don't know how to emphasize how much I mean hell no when I say hell no.

  • Willbob

    Bitch, I'd consider it.

  • Bobby

    I have dreams about falling off cliffs as it is… Why would I want to live that? HELLLLL NOOOO!!!

  • metaninja

    three words … cliff sex…. EPICOCITY

  • Rayadofox

    I do this, it's called big wall climbing. The routes take longer than a day to ascend so you gotta set up shop sometimes. The helmets are for things falling from above you, not for falling off…you just die at that point. The "cots" aren't "weak ass", like all climbing gear they hold the weight of an F-350 if used right. It looks far more scary than it really is, the only danger is stupidity. They also sleep in their harnesses, so no rolling out of bed, sorry guys. Great pics though…..except for that mattress one, those people are retarded.

  • Jham

    Crazy ass white people!

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