• germanchiver

    i have waited for the moment when the mum stands up and does it the same way.

  • Slickster

    Holy cardio skillz………….like 4 minutes of hopped up on Hammer!

  • Harv

    Mom needs to get a sewing machine so she can sew his hammer pants faster.

  • Rick

    Mom did not appreciate her sandal being moved.

  • KDAE

    5 out of 5 chivers hate dead space 2

  • Sean

    If you use Mozilla, Go to tools Add ons, Search AD BLOCKER PLUS, and download it. NO MORE DEAD SPACE or any other ad before video.

    Your welcome.


  • eclipze

    lol .. mom's like a boss. not a single fuck given. she cracked the shit out of me when i first saw her.

  • http://youtube.com/BrianDFreedman Brian Freedman

    He can dance, but wwwaaaayyyyyy toooooooo lllllllooooooonnnnnggggg…

  • Rolis

    mom must be soooo proud, otherwise she would have not agreed to be the backup dancer

  • BJC

    I'm still amused he could do all that in 3 sq feet….

  • Anonymous

    the guy’s kinda ok – BUT HIS MOM KNITS LIKE A BOSS!!!!!!

  • Jen

    you stop dancing in house! go get job!

  • Anonymous

    holy shit! i love china!

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