China gives a whole new twisted meaning to Bring your Kids to Work Day (5 photos)

In China, many workers take their children to work when the kids don't have school, or are too young for school because they can't afford day-care or nanny. It's not unusual for parents lock their children to chairs so they don't interfere with work or run away.

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  • gozer

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  • TheTruth

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  • Jonathan-H

    How/ why does the food change locations from picture to picture? It seems a bit staged or posed to me.

  • Alfred

    you make me laugh<3

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  • llama beans

    China is so far ahead of the world in terms of murdering and punishing dissenters and being the biggest human rights violator. Crushing Tibet, Jailing the Falun Gong and Nobel Peace Prize Winners, overlooking Child/Sex Slavery. What a country!

  • no likey

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    • Paula

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  • JoJo

    This is more than likely western propaganda and more likely their way of punishing their children for doing wrong. Just sayin.

  • raa

    can u westerners stop being so offensive and generalize all these things. im a chinese and it IS unusual to lock their child like that. can it be the child stole something n they had to lock him up until the cops come?

    we eat dogs, at least theyre real animals and its from nature. n its not processed food that causes cancer. u think eating dogs r fucked up, a while ago cows were farmers, they grew foods for us. dogs sit there n act cute.

    • John

      "a while ago cows were farmers and they grew food for us"…? you certainly are breaking the generalizations about Chinese people… specifically the one about them being smart

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  • slick

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  • EcceNemo

    The really fucked up thing about this is the reason why Chinese people have to resort to tethering their kids while they work:

    Child kidnapping and trafficking is a lucrative business in China. Because migrant workers don't have access to state-run child day cares, they literally have to chain their kids while they work, or run the risk of having them stolen. (Probably doesn't apply to the teenager in this pictures, but it's a real phenomenon in China)

    Heartbreaking stuff.





  • Mat
    • Shamisen

      Yeah… I really wouldn't use the Daily Mail to support any argument…

  • WoogyMonster

    Buy American so we don't support this bull shit.

  • Numa

    It's very easy for you all to criticize this country as you only see it through your medias… Go there, talk to them, work with them and you'll probably change your mind !
    Concerning the Tibet, if they have to let it go, well, you should probably give their country back to the native americans !

    • Benjamin

      1: fuck you. Fuck your family. Fuck your pets. And fuck your couch

      2: fuck “our” media (plural as it is. “s” not necessary)

      3: we are not holding a nation under colonial rule, like tibet is held. We won wars against the native Americans and took the country from them. Nations are overthrown all through history. If they truly wanted to keep the land they would have fought harder. Perhaps they would have built a wall to keep us out.

      4: yes I’m a whitey. No I’m not an ignorant hate filled hillbilly racist. In fact one of my closest friends is native American. And The majority of my friends aren’t white. So fuck your preconceived notions of thinking I’m a dumb racist

      • Numa

        Wow, calm down, what I said have nothing to do with racism, you misunderstood !
        What I said concerning Tibet is what they (Chineses) told me !

        "If they truly wanted to keep the land they would have fought harder. Perhaps they would have built a wall to keep us out."
        Please tell me this is sarcasm, irony or whatever you like except what you really think ! I am not very familiar with american humor so I hope its joke that I didn't get…

  • moeshere Foxdale

    LOL….To funny Paula…but man what and why…..

  • Not correct

    It’s actually not common to lock your kids to a chair. This particular incident was quite widely discussed in Chinese media, the girl in the pictures has some issues and can not stop stealing, she’s 13 years old and has been caught by the police several times stealing in shops and has been expelled from her school for the same reasons. Her parents had no other idea than to lock her to the chair at their wet market stall so they can keep an eye on her. This caused a public debate in China over child care and availability of psychiatric help for troubled children..

  • TheOne

    This is just another form china bashing. American tends to believe everything the media puts out.

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