GIFS are worth the time spent wasting your life away

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  • abipolarguy

    So beiber is a popular singer for the 8-13 set, especially girls and he doesn't appeal to adults. So fricken what? Why do you guys even care? If not for all the guys bashing him I'd never have to think about him at all, which I'd prefer, wouldn't you?

  • Bud Ugly

    #7 and #9 are awesome. Thank you, Denise Milani. Now get naked!

  • Tavo

    I can't stop watching #4 and #7

  • Rich

    #7 sweet…jesus!

  • napamamascribe

    #3 Makes me feel better. Thought I was the only one that fed my kid stuff so she'd make that face.

  • ben

    Denise Milani can go to hell. Just take off your damn top already.

  • Bob

    #8 is why I hate Beiber, he's a moron and looks like a girl…….

  • toastymoe

    FIND #7!!!

  • I am Name

    #7 Good Lord! MUST HAVE MORE!!!

  • wonderer

    How many of you tilted your head with her? #7

  • Conor

    #7, oh Denise Milani makes me happy ^^

    #4 ,Pwned Stevie

  • Ian

    #6 is hilarious, but I prefer the basketballs in #7.

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  • eclipze


  • Jessica Condrey

    #9 lol all day

  • Sir_Real

    #8 it hilarious!!!

  • Jaimie Pleydell

    #10. thats what id do

  • slick

    I watched #7 for about a minute, then #8 for 3 xD

  • TherealJoel

    #7 haven't fapped that hard in awhile. WHO IS SHE??

  • Always Last


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