It’s Hump Day already (25 photos)

  • Tittay luvr


    • 50-50

      Nom Nom Nom

  • Phil

    #16, #6 I want to be at those parties!!
    Also, #3, #13, #14, #17, #18, #22!!! FUCKING AWESOME

    • Phil

      Damnit Chive! You changed the order of the pics!
      Parties: #9, #20

  • Bisketz

    #11 MOAR ,but leave out the BF talk. #13 WTF

  • Gabe D

    This is the only reason I look forward to Wednesdays.

  • paulhitchcock

    Chivette tush FTW! #11, #17, #18

    • paulhitchcock

      Dammit Chive, you can't go changing the numbers like that! #4, #10, #11

  • mase


  • germanchiver

    so when is Cerie coming?

  • Pat

    TGIW !!!!

  • matt

    happy hump day, but a lot of these should not have been shown in hq

    • matt

      #1 #9 #10 #13 #16 #20 #22 are quite nice though

    • Terry Burke

      … this isn't an HQ post….

  • floscar

    #4 Ive seen this one around the interwebs many times. I think its about time we found out who she was and what she looks like now. (Crossing fingers)

  • kevguy

    #6 is kind of gross

    • dajesus

      If by "gross" you mean absolutely perfect, Then I agree.

    • figurefour

      Since I became a Chiver I have never thumbed a single comment down. Thank you for giving me a reason to break my thumbs down cherry.

    • @valorikx221

      Epic Gappage!

    • Giddy Up

      please turn in your man card. #6 is epic!!!

      • alysinwunderland

        i'm a woman and I would hit that!

        • Jessica Condrey

          I'm a woman too and I even find this epic 😀

          • Skye

            I'm a woman too, and yea she's hott as hell but it's fucking gross bc her ass is literally eating her thong.

            • -tj-

              and that's bad because………. ?

    • XOS

      February 2nd 2011…the date kevguy realized he likes men..

    • MmmmmTasty

      This is by far the hottest photo here for a while (imo)

    • bigll72

      So now we know Kevguy is a homosexual.

      • Whitnasty

        Kevguy. I want to see your ass.
        Let's get talking about gross.

        In fact, I'd be willing to place bets on it.

        • McBeastie

          Kevguy. Please don't show us your ass, no matter what the post above says.

    • napamamascribe

      Ok i'm even willing to let you expand on that. WTF about that is gross?

    • Rick

      Kind of gross? How in the world is that kind of gross?

    • joeybeadz

      your not a real chiver

      • kevguy

        everybody, honestly, the original number six changed numbers into number 20, and i will stand by the fact that #20 is gross so relax

        • Hez26

          6 good-looking girls in their underwear and covered in oil is gross?……you disappoint me.

        • kaveman4130


          • fag

            did someone say my name?

        • matt

          i am dumbfounded. if i walked into this room, the absolute last word to enter my mind would be gross.

        • -tj-

          just keep digging…

    • Brett

      Your kind of gay!

      • grammar police


    • Iceman05

      You need to turn in your Chive access card.

      • kevguy

        once again everyone relax. it just looks like a dumb idea with greasy girls in a corny dormroom. gross.

        • McBeastie

          You are not helping your case. Just zip it.

        • -tj-

          seriously, another shovel….

    • Richard

      What are you blind!! this shot is smoking hot!!!!

    • Chris

      Yep you're gay

    • Paul

      Must suck for you being GAY and all..

  • BigDingo

    Again not in HQ/HD, come on Chive…

    Then again, this gallery is full of mind blowing asses. I probably could just number them 1 through 25 without a miss.

  • Nick702

    Hooray for hump day

  • mike

    #1 first, last and always

  • This Guy

    #12 And who can have problems with diversity after this?

    • king

      united we stand!!! gotta stop fighting around the world, look at its beauty, from everywhere!!!!!

  • Nick702

    #7 and #16 take my vote

    • Al Bondigas

      #7 could be a total butterface and well…

  • mgreen

    #22 i agree!!!!!!

    • Mike

      Hopefully no one gets the idea to post a "CHIVE WIN" photo thinking that they are original… you know… since that is the whole point of that photo…

      • HANK

        the chive guys are now editing it out of the next DAR. You have ruined their plan

  • acash

    good lawd

  • Alec

    Chive, I think you need to post this photo

    • Paula

      fucking hippie.

    • JHL1

      Pretty sure they have Alec.
      But just wait…. they prolly will again.

  • Kevin

    Thank goodness it's Humpday already
    #4 Woo Minnesota

  • Bilau

    #14 is a FAKE photoshop fail ass.

    • Anonymous

      Obvious commenter is obvious

    • awsomechops

      I can tell because of the pixels.

      • Whitnasty

        I'm not here to see real.

        I'm just here to see real goooood. And I'd say regardless if it's shopped or not. Still looks real good. ha

  • Dozer13579

    #12 Just goes to show a nice ass is a nice ass, no matter where it comes from.

  • Anonymous

    yes please #20

  • Brad

    she's a porn star…

    • Brad

      so you just have to travel to LA…

  • XOS

    #6 and #16 damm

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