Mmmm, nothing like some foreign delicacies (25 Photos)

  • Hi


  • Paula

    This all appears gross to me.


    • figurefour

      Just this once, I agree.

    • Jay


      *Rubs bridge of nose*

      Please leave

      *Points to door*

      • Paula

        Luckily my itchy vagina distracts my gag reflex.


    • Terry Burke

      you all realize that if you just leave paula alone, whoever it is will stop.

      • MarcoChan

        Jesus fuck this Paula is getting more on my nerves than the damned Dead Space ads.

        • vladivostok

          i know right?

      • vladivostok

        the paula never stops

    • Lau

      Then stay away from all mirrors and any other assorted reflective surfaces.

    • twat

      surely not as bad as all the std riddled cock you have sucked.

  • Cranklin

    what in the fuck is #23 ?

    • Jackson

      I think it's a fertilized egg. Like, that's a baby duck or chicken.

    • jar

      thats balut. very famous here in the philippines.

    • giraffe66

      looks like balut… s'a half-hatched ducky (sometimes chicken) egg

    • figurefour

      I think that's balut?

    • Cranklin

      Thanks…and I just had some chicken salad…the chive can go fuck themselves for sending this at lunch time on the east coast, fuckers

    • sceneitB4

      It's called Balut (pronounced ball-loot) and it's a delicacy in the Philipines. It's a partially formed duck embryo that has been boiled. Usually served warm by street vendors.

      Still not eating it.

    • James

      It tastes better than you would imagine, of course I imagined it would taste pretty horrible. Having had it, I would pass next time.

    • lizanosalsa

      #23 is balut — almost fully developed duck fetus. Pretty extreme. Sometimes you can get a nice crunch from the beak if the fetus is far enough along

    • Fish stick

      Balut my friend. Very Famous Here in The Philippines

      -ChiveOn From the Philippines

    • brian


    • Jon

      Looks like balut, from the phillipines.

  • Diana Santos

    i'm getting sick….:S

  • Red Rabbit

    Wow, stuck inside because of blizzard, and TheChive isnt exactly bringing its A game with the posts. You dropped the ball, Chive, why did you drop the ball?

  • hamberleaf

    most of this looks pretty rotten

  • Jay

    #6 Do not want.

    • Cranklin

      But it's baked, not fried…

      • abipolarguy

        even if i were baked – no. I'd have to be pretty fried to try this

    • Logic76

      Maybe put it on a pizza or in a bacon sammich and I'll try it. Maybe

  • TheChipification

    #11 is the only thing that i actually might try.

  • Catence

    I've never gagged so many times. 😦

    • BigDingo

      Oh come now… I don't believe you.

      • Catence

        It takes a lot to make me gag.

        • mattythegooch

          Busy this weekend??

          • Rahnook

            Wow! Didn't see that one coming…

            • BloodScrubber

              Nice followup Rahnook. Glad ya didn't. Choke.

  • aosux

    To each their own I guess. I'm gunna stay away from insects though.

  • vintage...

    Well you sir are a trooper…couldn't do it…

  • tsukushi_

    I wouldn't try the spiders.
    But, if I were served the other items, I wouldn't be rude in front of my hosts. 🙂

  • SubManG

    Disturbing, all of it. *puke*

  • BigBlackGuy

    it's proly some stupid asians who eat this sh**.

    • Poot

      It's odd hearing a black boy try to call an Asian stupid. . .

    • twat

      If you battered the shit out of it like KFC then you get the black people queuing up for this shit

  • Chris Arabian

    #7 …

    At least they aren't FRIED!!! Like that would make the difference between eating it and not eating it.

    "I hate trans fats in my Tarantulas, that's why I choose these!!! They are baked, like baked Lay's, and are as crunchy too!!!

  • MattConlee

    I'd do it, Try anything once. Well i should'nt say ANYTHING but you know what i mean.

  • BigDingo

    I was going to say. They are definitely better fresh though.

  • clenis

    I think I would eat #22. Don't hate.

    • nagger

      that's cod sperm AKA fish testicles.

  • Yayo

    I'm from Eastern Europe and i would really try all of them, you don't really need to be asian to eat that stuff, you just got to be more open minded!

    you, almost all, are too freakin` sensitive!

    open your eyes, cause all of your food is shit, not that, that's just TABU/Exotic !

    • Royce

      Completely agree with the first part. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    • John

      You're from Eastern Europe. You're probably happy to eat anything you can find.

      • Bisp


      • Yayo

        @John : come one man, that one it keeps getting older and older, and it's not funny anymore!

        We have diversity, not like you, and we can eat everything we want, not what we find, believe me!

  • McBeastie

    #13 – I think that word "delicacy" is thrown around a little often with this kind of stuff. I know that some Thai people eat fried crickets and bugs as a snack. It would be like calling Pringles a delicacy.

  • Yayo

    I'm from Eastern Europe and i would really try all of them, you don't really need to be asian to eat that stuff, you just got to be more open minded!

  • jfeez

    Fuck whatever that is in #25. I would never put that near my mouth.

    • Jonathan

      its a bat

    • Logic76

      Um waiter…can you get me a fresh soup, please? There's a hair in it and it's ruining my bug

  • Jonathan

    I'd try everything but the spider and the bat 😛

  • Peter Griffin


    any goes in that mouth i guess…sweet!

    • top dog

      Better be careful, if you put anything small in her mouth it might not be coming back.

  • MmmmmTasty


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